Easter season can be a busy time for those of us in Communications. The last two Easters I’ve written and helped produce the video portion of the Easter message. (click here for the 2008 video or 2009 video) Those of us in Communications weren’t planning on doing a piece for this Easter’s message because we’re doing a lot of production work for the Double Your Impact campaign. (click here to see some of the DYI videos we’ve already produced)

However, things don’t always go according to plan. As Easter drew closer, the idea started to materialize that we’d put together a short video to complement the live message. Of course, it started off we’d have minimal involvement, but then we started doing more and more with it. While it’s not a full-blown short-film like last year, which took almost two months to produce, we ended up spending more time than we thought on this video.
You know what, though? It’s a good video. If we’re going to do it, we’re going to do our best to do it right. We’re going to do it with excellence.
The location we needed for the video shoot was one that had a lot of doors. I thought of some obvious places, but nothing seemed good for video. So, I posed the question on Facebook and Twitter and got a lot of responses. A high school classmate of mine, who I haven’t talked to since 1993, suggested we film at a self-storage facility. A great idea which we pursued. We asked around, and someone at CCC (Dave Paladino) manages a few of these facilities. We checked one out and it was perfect.
This past Tuesday morning we were filming at Dino’s Storage near 27th & Harney. It was a five person crew (Nick, Jay, Sherry Gossman, Jordan Green and myself), and then Lead Pastor Mark was there. We were able to use two Canon 5d Mark II cameras since one of our volunteers, Jordan, brought his to the shoot. (This type of camera vastly improves the quality of the video.) We recorded Mark giving part of the Easter message amidst the doors.
It was a bit chilly in there, and one of the scenes were trying to keep pigeons out of the shot. Other than that, everything went exceedingly well with the shoot. It all came together quickly.
Jay has to quickly edit it together, and then Greg and I are doing some animation for the piece as well.
Not bad since we were originally not going to do an Easter video.

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