Really enjoying the spring weather. Last week, Jana, the boys and I were outside in our yard playing for the first time in months. It felt incredibly surreal, like I was experiencing a different life. (Where am I?) It was tons of fun.

I’ve had a few people at work express disappointment that I’m not managing this year’s March Madness bracketology. Last year people complained to me the bracketology wasn’t as fun as previous years when I managed it. A no-win situation. Oh well…

Health care reform passed this past Sunday night. On Monday, the sun rose and set. The world did not end. I’m not trying to belittle the passions that arise on both sides of this issue. Just adding a touch of perspective. Some people seem so wrapped up in the politics of an issue that they miss the big picture. They miss the issues that are more important. And, they miss how they can truly make an impact locally and globally on a tangible issue. Simply joining a Facebook group about how you are for/against an issue doesn’t strike me as being involved with that particular issue.

I tweeted a few weeks ago that I didn’t like the latest episodes of The Office, but the last two episodes have reminded of the early episodes. The tone of them was great. Nothing outlandish, or taking place outside the office, but rather real scenarios within the office walls that dealt with the characters.

This teaser trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was released today, and it looks like fun.

You might see me blogging occasionally for a local blog. Excited about this prospect.

This past episode of Lost was phenomenal, and of course I spent almost six hours crafting a recap. In the midst of writing it I wondered why I was spending so much time writing this particular recap. I do get a lot of traffic to the blog because of the recaps, but I thought writing this long recap seemed ridiculous. I tweeted out at 1 AM what I was doing. A few minutes later, I got a tweet back from someone (Dusty Davidson) that encouraged me to finish strong with the recap. Thus, the 5,000 plus word, stream of consciousness recap. Glad I finished strong. (Thanks Dusty!) I was surprised by the number of people who messaged me since then after reading the entire recap. I may not get a lot of sleep on Tuesday nights till the show’s finale, but I’ll keep writing the recaps the way I do.

Curry fries and mayo and being able to walk around in short sleeves? It’s a good day.

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