Well, here is the video I mentioned, in my last weekly recap, where I thought we didn’t deliver the quality we normally do. When the video played in the service I attended, the crowd laughed throughout it. The video achieved its purpose. I was a bit surprised, but then again the concept is good. Jen did a good job with the script, and Mark was his normal, over-the-top self. Only he could’ve pulled off the part in promoting the Peter Scazzero event.

My two cents? During the filming of it, I jokingly said, “ShamWow” after one of the takes. Mark thought it’d be great to say with one of his closing lines. The line was a hit when the video played, and I heard people repeating it later.


ShamWow indeed.

The Peter Scazzero event should be great next Monday and Tuesday. For more details, go to CCC’s website.

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