I find it amusing when guys say some variant of “it’s getting dusty in here” instead of saying they were crying.

I think Glenn Beck saying people should run from churches where they say “social justice”, and equating those churches with the Nazis, is irresponsible.

Nomar Garciaparra signed a one day contract with the Red Sox so he could retire with the organization. It makes for a nice story, but it doesn’t mask the fact the Red Sox had to trade him so they could win their first World Series since 1918.

Lost fans continue to amaze me with their kindness. I mentioned last week my experience when I bought a grab bag shirt from Tee Fury. A fellow Lost fan contacted me and asked if I wanted their Lost and Star Wars themed Tee Fury shirts. Way cool.

When I find out that Chuck Klosterman is going to be on the BS Report podcast, I look forward to listening to it on my drives to and from work. I recently read his novel, Downtown Owl. Even though it is well-written, I didn’t like its resolution. Oh well.

Remember when Hal Daub was criticized for the potholes around town? I wonder if Jim Suttle will face the same scrutiny. I feel like I’m slaloming when I drive around Omaha.

My post on Gabe Martinez could’ve been a lot longer. I wanted to write some stories about our conversations and shared experiences, but instead focused in on the one impacting moment. The name of the post is a reference to an early song of his.

If Jana was still working at Thrasher Basement Systems, she’d be telling me how the staff are so excited for the current weather because it increases business.

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