I saw Alice In Wonderland this past weekend, and was disappointed by the film. Ten minutes into the film I was bored. I thought it would improve, but it didn’t. The film wasn’t bad, but considering it’s directed by Tim Burton and stars Johnny Depp you expect more from it.

I saw it in 3D, but even then it seemed flat. Granted, the last 3D film I saw was Avatar, which is the gold standard. Still, working against Alice In Wonderland is the fact they didn’t film in 3D, but rather made it a 3D film in post production. I’m not an expert, but the visuals didn’t seem to have the depth that Avatar did.

Also, I didn’t think the visual effects really added anything. They were Tim Burton-esque, but it seemed like a lot of the visual effects were there to mask the lack of story. The story seemed a mess that had little in common with its source material. (Granted, some don’t care about that.)

It seemed like Burton directed the film in a way that people would expect a Burton film would be made. It’s like he’s a caricature of himself now, and that was hit home by this recent College Humor video about Tim Burton.

What did I like about the film? Well, I was able to see the trailer for Tron Legacy. That looks great. (Then again, I thought the same about Alice In Wonderland at one point.) I’ve had the same experience before. When I saw the first Transformers movie I was more excited about the trailer for Cloverfield than anything else.

Here’s the Tron Legacy trailer.

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