End of the week. It also appears that it is the end of snow always covering the ground. The Winter Olympics ended this past Sunday, and already it seems like a distant memory. The Office feels like it should end. It was renewed for a seventh season, and I find myself wondering if I’ll keep watching the show.

What else ended this past week? Any hope that men’s college basketball, in Nebraska, was going to sniff the postseason. Now, the question is whether the Husker women’s basketball team will have more wins than the Creighton and Nebraska men’s teams combined. (If the Nebraska men’s team doesn’t win another game, their combined wins will be 30. The Nebraska women’s team is currently 29-0.)

The work week ended well for me, but not without some drama. Friday morning, Nick and I were trying to edit a video that was going to be played in the Sunday services. It was a two and a half minute video that needed to be a minute long. Plus, we were also editing a second version for Trinity Interdenominational Church. We managed to get the edits done, but I’m not sure how effective the video will be. The concept is good, but I don’t think we delivered on it like we normally do with these projects. That’s due to our normal video editor, Jay, being out of town this past week. Plus, Nick and I were busy with other projects (Nick flies out to Mali today), so we couldn’t focus in on it like we normally would. We had a volunteer do the editing, and they did what we asked for with it. It’s just that the script took a lot longer to recite, by Mark, than anticipated. (We didn’t realize it at the time because we were amused by Mark impersonating Billy Mays.) One of those projects we’d probably do over if we could. Still, it will work, and that’s what matters with these pieces. (We like to see excellence in our work, and I’m a bit disappointed because I think how great this piece could be.) The concept is based on infomercials, with Lead Pastor Mark as the pitchman.

I also produced an opening animation for a series of stories that will be shown in the services throughout the year. One fun thing with the animation is an old friend allowed me to use their music for the piece. I’ll blog more about it next week.

What else with work? Well, there was another meeting for ideas about the upcoming message series about Jesus The Man. The name of the series could be changing. I have one idea I’d like to see happen, but it has to fit with the big idea for that Sunday. Until then, here’s a funny video in keeping with a series on “being a man”.

I tweeted about this, but I had a laugh when I opened up a shirt I received from Tee Fury this past week. Every so often, they sell a grab bag shirt for $5. I ordered one because I’ve ordered some Lost shirts from them. Plus, they’ve sold other great pop culture shirts. I ordered a grab bag shirt, and what do I receive in my grab bag? Just remember I work at a church and I’m a pastor and former missionary. (click here to see the shirt)

What else?

  • I liked the new Toy Story 3 poster. (click here)
  • Liam and Duncan like the new bunk bed we now have, which was given to us by a family at CCC.
  • This past Thursday, Jana and I had an enjoyable evening with Cory and Carrie West. Cory is the new High School Pastor at CCC, and I’m glad the students have someone like him leading them.
  • Wrote my second post about CCC staff. This time I profiled Micah Yost. (click here)
  • Finished transferring my old Mac blog posts to current blog. Now I just have to transfer them from my MySpace blog. Needless to say, my blog posts are much improved in content and quality.
  • And, I kept blogging about Lost. (click here to read the recap on “Sundown”, and click here to read my follow-up recap on “Lighthouse”) I’ve been surprised by how the Lost recaps I’ve written are generating so much interest and traffic.

Finally, I continue to plug away on my commentary project. One morning, this past week, I spent about ninety minutes on the first twenty verses of Numbers 11. It was fun for me to delve into this chapter and write about it.

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