I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier for the end of winter than I am this season.

Tonight’s episode of The Office will have the delivery of Jim and Pam’s baby. While I’m sure it will be full of nice moments, the episode reminds me that the show is nearing its end. There haven’t been any inklings from the network or producers that the show is nearing its end. It just feels like it. I hope the show doesn’t stay on too long.

It’s been fun to read the updates coming from the Boston Red Sox spring training. I’m looking forward to baseball. A simple pleasure of mine is listening to baseball on the radio.

One of the ongoing projects we’re working on, in Communications, is capturing people’s stories of God working in and through them. It’s been fun hearing these stories. One of the stories we’ll use in some capacity is Eva Rhoades’ story. I wrote about Eva when I was in China last summer, and I think her story will be inspiring to people. This Sunday we’ll start rolling out these stories in the CCC services.

This past Monday, I received the final piece in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica soundtrack canon. The BSG soundtrack to The Plan/Razor, which is the sixth soundtrack in the BSG catalog. It’s one of those things that deserves its own post, but who knows if I’ll ever get to it. I did want to make mention of it, though. Bear McCreary’s compositions has been amazing throughout the series.

Olympics are done with, and in the end it was good for United States and Canada. Canada won hockey and took home the most gold medals. United States owned the podium and took home the most medals. The men’s hockey gold medal game was great, but the hyperbole was a bit ridiculous. I can understand why it was important to Canadians, but Americans comparing it to the Miracle On Ice was laughable. Nothing will ever top that, or even come close to that event.

The other thing with the gold medal game is the notion Canada deserved the gold medal since hockey is “their sport”. This is also laughable. I know Canada winning makes for a good story, and media like to have their stories easy. Still, the team that deserved the gold medal is the team that actually wins. It doesn’t matter that in America, hockey ranks behind a number of sports. If United States would have won that gold medal game they would have deserved that gold medal.

With the Olympics over, Apolo Anton Ohno may fade from Liam’s memory now. No more hearing Liam say his name and then going loud with “OH-NO”! However, Ndamukong Suh still hasn’t faded from his memory so who knows?

Curry fries and mayo, with a coke, hit the spot today.

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