Looking back on the week I think it was good one. Work ended up being productive, and two things stick out. First, I was part of a creative planning meeting for an upcoming series tentatively called Jesus The Man. A number of us were asked for ideas that would draw men in for the series, and a number of us referenced Mark Driscoll and some of the series he has preached at Mars Hill. (One of my tasks afterward was pulling together some of Driscoll’s material for Lead Pastor Mark to listen to.) When it came to sermons, I brought up the topics surrender (as it relates to idolatry), sexuality and fatherhood. The key with it, though, is to be real, unflinching and practical in the delivery. Perhaps even a Q&A on some of the topics. (And, if the Men’s Panel yesterday is any indication there will be a lot of interest in a Q&A.)

It was a good discussion about the series. Going into the meeting I don’t think any of us had any idea what the series held, but coming out of the meeting there was a lot of excitement. There won’t be a reliance on tricks or smoke and mirrors. It will be straightforward. There’s still a lot of planning, and a lot of things could change, but this should be a solid message series right after Easter.

The second thing from the week that sticks out is the Men’s Panel. It was a lot of fun and I was glad I could be a part of it. I blogged about it last night, but two things I forgot to add. When I was sharing I had to tell myself to stay concise. This was hard because I don’t have the polish in my replies like a Steve Walters or Dusty White. Those two guys have don’t the panel discussions before and are use to it. The second thing I had to tell myself was to dial down the intensity in my responses. Why was I intense? Not entirely sure. (Driscoll influence?)

Outside of work, it was a lot of Olympics watching and streamlining my online presence. I’ve been in the process of transferring my old blog posts, on other sites, to this blog. It’s at times comical to read my old posts. Unfortunately, I forget to adjust the date and time of some of the old blog posts when I transfer them. So, random posts have been popping up in people’s rss feeds this past week.

A fun thing from this past week was seeing the new flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I bought three of the new flavors, and I think Boston Cream Pie will be my favorite of the flavors.

Oh, and I did some blogging about the latest episode of Lost.

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