Recently, one of the projects I’ve been working on has been producing the Risk/Reward video. If you were at the CCC Old Mill services, this past Sunday, you saw the video. (It will play this Sunday at CCC Sarpy.)

Nick presented the idea to me in late January. Leadership wanted some sort of creative piece that highlighted the risks A.B. Simpson (founder of C&MA denomination) and R.R. Brown (founder of CCC) took in their lives that benefited people.

Here’s the storyboard/script I came up with initially.

Looking back on the storyboards, it’s nice to see how things stayed fairly true to the original concept. The tough thing was figuring out how to convey the risks they took with limited text. There’s probably some liberties we took with grammar, but ultimately the main concern was conveying the vital information.

In researching both of their lives, you quickly realize its a different time period and culture. Nancy Davies had let me borrow two of R.R. Brown’s journals. For example, in 1922 R.R. Brown did 399 services and 336 “sermons”. In 1932, R.R. Brown did 491 services and 377 “messages”. Nancy shared with me the effect his work had on his health. It seems crazy now, that kind of work, but this is a century ago.

When putting together a rough cut of the video, I knew something was missing from it. I just wasn’t sure what was missing. I showed the cut to Nick, and he suggested getting frames around the pictures. I talked to Christine about it, and she edited the pictures so they had frames. A nice touch to the video.

Picking music is always tricky. You want to pick music that complements the project, but you to broadcast and/or resell the message video you have to make sure the music is licensed. We always try to err on the side of caution with copyright infringement. It’s tough because a video may work really well with a piece of music, but then that video will only be able to be seen live in the services because we don’t have a license for it. (In my opinion, copyright law is one thing many churches don’t follow well.)

As you can see from the storyboard pics, I had a list of music I was considering for the piece. Some of the selected songs I would’ve edited to fit the video better. Initially, I decided upon Moby’s In My Heart. However, Nick suggested we change the music. That was the right call. Some people would’ve been distracted by the music and missed the message of the video. In the end, I went with music from The Bad Plus. The song used in the video is Anthem For The Earnest, and I thought it fit well.

Leadership liked the finished product when it was shown to them. I heard a lot of good feedback this past Sunday, when it supported the message Fear of Failure. I don’t think it’s my best work, from a production standpoint, but the content is good. You can watch the video, without the music, by clicking here.

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