It was a good week. A nice part of the week was getting together with friends for lunch. This past Tuesday, I met up with Jeff Slobotski and Andy Dykhouse. Jeff is a co-founder of Silicon Prairie News and Big Omaha. Andy is the Director of Youth Ministries at West Hills Presbyterian Church. It was great listening to their stories, and what they’re working on right now. It’s fun to be a part of the creative community in the area. On Friday, I was able to connect with Nathan Higgs, and it was enjoyable talking about life, what’s going on at Core Community (his church) and CCC, and discussing our theories on Lost. Good times.

(Jeff Slobotski just launched the new site for Big Omaha 2010, which is exciting. You can expect a Big Omaha 2010 blog post from me in the near future.)

I took a vacation day, on Wednesday, to get caught up on some personal stuff. I had some people comment that it must stink to use a vacation day for such a thing. However, it was nice. It’s just hard to find the time in the evening, or the weekend, when I want to spend time with my family. It was nice to take a day and have it dedicated to finishing up some tasks I needed to get done.

Work was hit and miss, though. A big reason for that was numerous IT (Information Technology) interruptions. Thursday, I was consumed with IT problems. It can be frustrating because there’s always work to be done, and then a server goes down that needs my attention. Granted, those kind of problems never come at an opportune time. No one in IT ever thinks, “I finished my work, I feel good, I do wish a server would crash because I have time to repair it and I’m in a good mood”.

A nice thing with work was doing some animations for the backscreens in Access. They’re for the upcoming series Better Than Happy. It was a small project, but what I like about it is it’s another little step of progression in raising the excellence with our production.

It’s a good thing it’s been a “mild winter”. What? You say Omaha just broke a record for most consecutive days of measurable snow, with 75 days and counting? Yeah, that may be true, but it still is a mild winter…compared with Siberia. Speaking of Russia…

I will say, since it’s fresh in my mind, that Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko is a sore loser. (I can’t believe I’m going to blog about skating.) Plushenko lost the gold medal, in Men’s Figure Skating, to Evan Lysacek. (Lysacek is American.) He seems to think that since he can execute one jump, a quad, that this earns him the gold. He conveniently forgets that the long program is four and a half minutes of skating. It’s not about executing one jump. Even before the competition, he was talking about the quad being the future of men’s skating. It was as if he was trying to highlight his strength, so his weaknesses would not receive attention. During the long program, he did land the quad, but he didn’t execute other parts of his program well. This allowed Lysacek, who skated a better overall program despite not attempting a quad, to beat him and win the gold. Plushenko wasn’t robbed of the gold. His pride took a beating, though.

Oh, I may have blogged about Lost.

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