Awhile back, I mentioned how I’d like to start profiling different CCC coworkers. It’s nothing too thorough, but I thought it would provide a different perspective on them that CCC attenders may not see. I work with a great team, and I want to make sure people understand how good the individuals are that comprise the team. These are my own thoughts and opinions. Up first is Steve Walters, Campus Pastor at CCC Sarpy.

I can’t recall when I first met Steve, but I can’t recall a time when I didn’t inherently trust him. There’s something about him that enables you to drop your guard and be real with him. I think part of it stems from the fact he’s never condescending. Steve takes a genuine interest in people, he cares for people. He doesn’t just chat people up so he can use them for his own selfish gain. People get that, and I think that’s one reason why a lot of people like Steve.
When I first heard he was going to be the Campus Pastor in Sarpy, I thought he was the right person for the job. I’ve come to appreciate and respect Steve even more since he became the Campus Pastor. Despite not living in Sarpy, and not having a good network of contacts in the area, he jumped right into the Sarpy community when he first started his current position. He went to various Sarpy County and City of Bellevue meetings so he could have a better grasp of the community. He introduced himself to people and listened to what they had to say. He went in with the attitude of a learner. I’m not sure what people in Sarpy may have thought about a megachurch coming in and planting a church in the middle of their community, but having Steve as the point man helped assuage any fears. He’s started and built a lot of relationships in the community. I have often heard him talk about his love for the people in that community, and how he wants the best for them.
Personally, Steve has always taken the time to listen to me. Whenever I’ve had a question about life, family, or scripture, he gives me a thoughtful response to my question. He is someone I’ve opened up with about my own sin and shortcomings, and he always provides a loving (and sometimes firm) word of encouragement that helps me. Since I am a father now, along with being a husband (obviously), he’s been great to have around so I can ask him questions about parenthood. (He’s a husband and father of three.)
As I’ve started doing more pastoral duties at CCC, Steve has been there to “show me the ropes” with how to do hospital visitations and weddings.
He’s a good guy. When we’re not talking life or work, we’re usually talking about baseball or some other sport. He’s a Minnesota Twins fan, and I’m a Boston Red Sox fan. Unfortunately for him, I usually get the better end of the baseball conversations.
If you want to know more about Steve, you should check out his blog.

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