I’m not sure about this, but I think I’m coming around to the idea of Nebraska being in the Big 10. Granted, the Big 10 has to extend an invitation to Nebraska for it to be reality. As much as Nebraska fans want a return to the times of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, those times aren’t returning. The Big 8 is long gone, and that was made clear when the Big 12 started. The Big 12 is all about Texas. Nebraska would have more of a voice and influence in the Big 10 than it does the Big 12. How could Nebraska join the Big 10 despites its (alleged) academic shortcomings? It all comes down to money. While Nebraska wouldn’t generate as much income for the Big 10 like Texas, or Notre Dame, it would generate more money than any other conceivable school that could join. Nebraska has a national following and its football program generates tons of revenue. If Nebraska joined the Big 10, the conference would arguably have four of the top ten college football programs of all-time. (Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio St. and Penn St.) Nebraska needs to be proactive, instead of waiting around and possibly being irrelevant after the smoke clears with conference expansion/alignment. Nebraska needs to lead, and not let Texas dictate its future and best interests.

I’m continuing to enjoy the Winter Olympics. I piled on about the media created so-called injustice of Canada not winning a gold medal on home soil in the Olympics. It’s nice that they finally won a gold medal last night. I just wish I hadn’t been reminded of the fact every five minutes I watched the Olympics because when it did happen I was glad I wouldn’t have to hear about it ever again. Lost amidst this “story”, were Americans doing well in the moguls. I was glad Hannah Kearney, gold medal winner from  the United States, didn’t apologize for winning gold at the expense of the Canadian athlete. (The interview was conducted by, I believe, Bob Costas.) I was disappointed that NBC’s coverage didn’t highlight the American, Bryon Wilson, who won bronze in the Men’s Moguls. That’s what happens when Canada wins gold, I guess.
Speaking of the Olympics, it’s a joke that officials blamed the death of the luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, on him. It’s a joke because numerous athletes and coaches complained about the course. And, in the aftermath of his death, they shortened the course, changed its contour, added a wall, put padding on steel beams near the track (duh), but there was NEVER anything wrong with the course. It was all the driver’s fault. (What a joke.)

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