A relaxing Saturday afternoon watching the Winter Olympics.

It wasn’t a tiring week for me, but a few of the nights I was in bed before 9 PM. (Which is why I didn’t post the Chapter Commentaries post when I said I would. Sorry about that.) Thankfully, Liam and Duncan cooperated by sleeping in later the following mornings. As well, my back feels good. It’s sore from time to time, but I’m not impeded in anything I do.
The past week my main focus, at work, was finishing producing a video on the Risk/Reward concept. The basis for the video are A.B. Simpson and R.R. Brown (founder of CCC in 1921). In coming up with a script for the video, it was fascinating to read about their lives. Nancy Davies, R.R. Brown’s granddaughter, lent me two of Brown’s journals, from 1922 and 1932, for research on the project.
In ministry, as in most businesses, you’re going to have staff turnover. I found out this week that coworker Dusty White has taken a job with Coram Deo. In one sense, it’s sad because Dusty is a great guy to work with and he’s good at what he does with discipleship and journey groups. However, I’m excited for him because I think it’s a great fit for him and his family. Looking forward to seeing how God uses Dusty and his family in this new endeavor.
Outside of work, there have been lots of sports to enjoy. The Super Bowl was fun to watch. I didn’t have a problem with either team winning, but I thought the Colts would win. As the game wore on, I was cheering for the Saints because they seemed to have the attitude of doing whatever it took to win the game. As far as Peyton Manning, he went through what Tom Brady did two years ago at the Super Bowl. He headed into the Super Bowl being touted as the best QB ever, only to lose the game and be second-guessed.
The Winter Olympics are one of my favorite sporting events to watch. A tough start to the Olympics with the death of an athlete. Adding to the opening day woes were the torch lighting malfunction and weather hampering the skiing and snowboarding locations. (Having to bring in snow for a Winter Olympics?!) An understatement to say the Olympics couldn’t have started much worse.
And, finally, another trailer was released for Toy Story 3.

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