Musings and random observations from the latest episode of Lost. If you don’t want to be spoiled about Lost, please don’t read this post.

You’ve been warned (SPOILERS BELOW)
Not every episode can be a great episode, and to follow last week’s phenomenal premiere is tough. Still, I thought the episode was lacking at times. I’ve never been a fan of the Kate-centric episodes. It’s hard for me to buy into the storylines with her episodes.
We found out Claire is alive, which wasn’t a shocker since it was in a promo, and that the sickness Rousseau talked about is true. The sickness plot should launch into something big, it would seem. Producer Damon Lindelof complained on Twitter about fans who called this episode “filler”. Nice. The standards are higher with Lost than with a show like NCIS: Los Angeles. Granted, if I had Damon’s perspective, like knowing everything that was going on since I’d be the producer, then I’m sure I’d understand more of the clues that are placed throughout an episode.

2007 Timeline

What is becoming frustrating is the Others talking/not talking only when it is convenient to the scene. In one sense, that is true for any scene, but there doesn’t seem to be any consistency with their actions.

Nevertheless, I still like the characters of Dogen and Lennon.

If the Others grasp the magnitude of having Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Jin, Sawyer and Kate with them alive in the temple, (and we can’t forget Miles who wasn’t touched by Jacob), why was the one Other wanting to kill Kate and Jin at any point? That didn’t seem believable. His whole act, as a loudmouth, didn’t seem believable.
Come to think of it, the interactions of the two Others, and Kate and Jin, reminded me of Alias when it seemed everyone, but Sydney Bristow, knew what was going on. (Ah, good old Rambaldi…)
Another thing I have a hard time buying? When Kate has scenes where she’s able to be G.I. Joe on the fly, like tonight when she disarmed the Others. Really?
Kate’s shifting affection between Jack and Sawyer is a convenient plot device as well. Then again, as Jin asked Kate, “Who do you care about?” I guess we’re suppose to draw from tonight’s episode that she cares about Sawyer. Well, in this episode she does. Jin’s other line to Kate is interesting also. “Once you catch up with Sawyer then what?” Was Kate wanting to be his new Juliet? What was Kate wanting? Sawyer is/was dealing with his grief, Jin is in search of Sun, Hurley and Jack are acting in faith to help Jacob and The Island, Sayid just died but is now alive, but Kate… She says she came back to find Claire. If so, then why is she so distraught when Sawyer walks away?

Why is it so important for these characters to stay in the temple? Do they have some power over the Man In Black now?

If Man In Black can transform into the smoke monster, does Jacob have a transformation of some sort? Well, he could obviously leave the island.

If Dogen is the leader of the Others at the Temple, what was Ben all along? Was Ben taking orders from Man In Black at times? (Ben did summon him, as the smoke monster, in season four.)

An interesting line, I thought, was Sawyer being upset at Sayid’s resurrection. It’s obvious why he would wonder Sayid, a torturer and murderer, would come back to life, but someone like Juliet dies in trying to protect The Island. Juliet dies to help Jacob’s plan, and the plan doesn’t seem to be working from Sawyer’s perspective. Why wouldn’t Sawyer be upset? Will Juliet’s words to him (“It worked.”) come to mind at an important moment? Probably.

I had thought last week that Sawyer could swing to the dark side in his anger. (Could be a Star Wars reference if it does happen.) Wondering if he does team up with Man In Black, especially in light of the teaser for next week’s episode. He could be Man In Black’s padawan.

Claire has apparently been claimed by the darkness/sickness. Sayid was claimed by it when he died. So, when did Claire die? Or, does it not matter? This may have happened with Rousseau’s team when they first landed on the island. (By the way, silly of me to forget that one of Rousseau’s team had his arm ripped off in the temple. I said before it was Dr. Pierre Chang.)
If Claire is claimed by darkness, what does that make Christian Shephard? I still think he was the Man In Black posing as him, but what if he was also resurrected and claimed by the darkness? His body was never found.
What does the darkness signify? Sin? Can someone be cured of it, or are they destined to evil once becoming infected?
So much for Hurley being the leader. Jack is asserting himself, and also reverting to being a man of science again.
What did the Others want to discuss with Jack at the end of last week’s episode? Who knows. Perhaps that was made up tension to have a more dramatic scene with Sayid coming back to life.
2004 Timeline

Once again, it does seem like the characters Jacob touched are having deja vu when they see one another. Kate had her moment when seeing Jack, and perhaps when opening Claire’s bag.
In season one, Claire was told by a psychic it was necessary for her to raise Aaron, that her “goodness” must influence his development. Claire is now raising Aaron. Will she return to Australia? If she does, will she be on a flight that all of our characters will be on in a future episode?

Claire’s goodness, in this timeline, is in stark contrast to the Claire that is claimed by darkness.

The symmetry with Ethan caring for Claire, just like in season one, was cool. I was expecting Jack to be the doctor to help Claire, but it makes sense that it’s Ethan.

Jack and Locke teamed up last week. This week it’s Kate and Claire. Who’s next?

What happened to Jacob and Man In Black in this timeline? I still think this is part of Jacob’s counter to Man In Black’s loophole play.

I always have more, but will stop there for now. I’ll try and spend more time on the 2004 timeline next time. Sorry for any grammatical errors. It’s late. Time to go to bed. I have to get up in 5 hours!

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