If you were to ask Jana what is one thing I’m OCD about, she’d probably mention “people touching his back”. I’m not sure how it started, but over the years I’ve become paranoid about it. I think part of it started from watching people, who had back issues, ask people do ridiculous things to help “relieve” their back discomfort.

I would tell them that particular course of action of “relief”, especially by someone who is not trained, could make matters worse for their back. They never cared and they would get temporary relief from whatever amateur method they employed. And, they would get back issues again within days. (That usually happens when you treat the symptoms and not the cause of the pain.)

Some people fancy themselves as chiropractors, even though they’ve never had any training. (Just because you gave members of the opposite sex back rubs, at summer camp, when you were younger doesn’t make you an expert in treating back issues.) These wannabe chiropractors always like to offer their “services”, and I’m quick to tell them that my back is good. I don’t need an amateur messing things up for me. I’ve never had back issues, and I do think that is partly due to not having some random person  do ridiculous things to my back.
Yesterday, walking into work, I slipped and fell on the sidewalk and landed on my back. Good times. Snow was covering the sidewalk, so I didn’t see the wheelchair access part. It’s where part of the sidewalk slopes down to the parking lot. I stepped, but the sidewalk was two to three inches lower and it threw me off. I was on my back.
Initially, my pride was hurt. I was up in an instant, hoping no one saw me sprawled out on the sidewalk. I went inside, dusted the snow off of me, and went to my desk. Most of my day is sitting in front of computer, so I sat down and started working. About an hour later, I noticed my back was in discomfort. Great. The discomfort increased, and I’m hoping that I don’t have back issues the rest of my life.
See, there’s a window into my OCD. I’m already thinking that my back is messed up for the rest of my life. Granted, this stems from most everyone I know with some sort of back issue having to deal with it for the rest of their lives.
Nancy Fager bought the Comm Team lunch from Five Guys. We all ate and talked in the Comm Suite for close to ninety minutes. I stood the entire time. (Well, I stood and paced in my area of the office.) It was much easier on my back than sitting, and I knew I was going to have sit during the afternoon to finish a rough cut of the video I was producing.
Throughout the afternoon I got up and walked around to alleviate my back discomfort. When I got home I laid down, and I’ve been laying down almost non-stop since then.
Liam has been checking up on me. He’ll kiss my back and then ask “does it feel better”? Ah, if all medical treatment could only be so simple. I’m still sore. The few times I have been up I try to keep walking, since that seems to help as well. Laying down or walking, that’s my current treatment. We’ll see how I am in a few days. And, no, if I’m still am having back discomfort you can’t walk on my back, or take a carpet roller to it. Just back off.

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