If you don’t want to be spoiled about Lost, don’t read this post.

You’ve been warned. (SPOILERS BELOW)

Wow. That’s all I can say. And in true comic book fashion, we have an alternate timeline happening. A lot of answers were dished out in this premiere episode, and a lot of new information was provided to deconstruct and ponder. In some ways, I think I’m watching a completely new Lost.

Favorite scenes? Jack and Locke at LAX. Man In Black revealing to be the smoke monster. Man In Black, in Locke’s body, and Ben conversing about Locke. And, pretty much every other scene.

The producers and writers of this show are comic book fans, so it isn’t surprising we have two timelines happening now. In comics, this is common. What I wonder is how they’ll merge the two timeliens. Will there be a retcon event of somesort?

In the alternate timeline (ATL), it’s 2004, the plane lands and life goes on as if nothing happened. Some differences? Desmond is now on the plane. Jack seemed to recognize Desmond, but that can be explained because they had met previously. (S2E1) Well, that was then. Who knows what the history is in the ATL with Desmond.

The other key difference is the coffin is not on the plane. Before, the coffin was on the plane and Dr. Christian Shephard was on the island. I think Christian was the Man In Black. So, how is the coffin not on the plane now? Different timeline. It will be the thing that draws Jack back to the island in the ATL. What will be the events/things that draw everyone back together? Remains to be seen.

In the ATL, this is a loophole Jacob seeks to exploit. The characters are before the events of 2007. They can prevent his death. How? Well, when the bomb detonated it sent everyone in the timeline we’ve known back to 2007. The ATL characters don’t necessarily have to cross paths with their “twins” if they manage to get back to the island and fix things before 2007.

I sound idiotic right now. Thinking out loud…

By the way, what happened to Radzinsky, Chang and the rest of the Dharma Initiative?ย  Well, it looks like Chang is dead.

I’m convinced now that the Man In Black is Esau. The Bible doesn’t account for Esau’s death, and he is Jacob’s twin. It seemed too obvious before, that he’d be Esau. However, I do believe he is Esau. Jacob became Israel and was the father of the twelve tribes. He also ruled Egypt, well, second only to Pharaoh. Esau was the father of Edom, which is the precursor to Rome according to some scholars.

Man In Black tells Ben that he “wants to go home”. Does this have anything to do with Esau selling his birthright to Jacob in Genesis 25?

The Temple. We thought we had seen the temple, but we finally saw what really was the temple in this episode. In fanboy geek fashion, there is what appears to be a shaolin monk leading. It was great to see characters from the flight 815 there, like the flight attendant and the children.

What is with the ash? Obviously, the Man In Black can’t penetrate anything in the circle of ash, which was on display tonight. So, how did the ring of ash become broken around Jacob’s Cabin?

I’ve thought that since flight 815 crashed, that the Man In Black has posed as Christian. Now? Well, I’m open to the idea that Christian is really alive. I still think Man In Black was using Christian in his grand scheme, but what if Christian is alive? What if at the end of tonight’s episode the people in the temple were trying to take Jack away so he could see Christian?

Sayid has “resurrected” after his death. There was imagery of Christ and the crucifixion when they were bringing Sayid out of the water. (Well, that was what I was thinking when I saw it.) I just read that someone thinks Jacob is now in Sayid’s body, but I don’t think that. I think Jacob is dead. Jacob wouldn’t be surprised to be in Sayid’s body. Does Sayid remember anything, though? Ben wasn’t going to remember the shooting when he was saved at the temple as a kid.

The scene with Jack and Locke at LAX, in the ATL, was wonderful. Locke invoking faith by talking about how Christian’s body is lost, but no one knows where Christian is. Jack invoking science by talking about fixing Locke’s back. Is it too obvious to say Locke will go see Jack about his back? And then, Jack will operate on Locke and fix him? Jack will say it was science, and Locke will say it is faith? Or, the other way around?

Seeing Man In Black reveal himself as the smoke monster was outstanding.ย  It does make me wonder about Jacob, though. Man In Black couldn’t be killed by gunfire, before he transformed, yet Jacob was stabbed to death. Did Jacob allow himself to be killed?

I’m going to rewatch the scene with Man In Black and Ben when they were talking about Locke. Man In Black going in and out of the light while talking about Locke.

No Michael and Walt on the ATL flight. Well, we didn’t see them, which makes sense since Walt will look nothing like before.

Man In Black referenced Richard being in chains. Guessing Richard was a slave on The Black Rock. I thought Nestor Campbell’s performance as Richard was great. Richard’s world has been shattered, and that was fully evident in the acting.

Juliet’s death seemed a bit anticlimactic. You think she’s dead, but when you think about it it does make sense she’s initially alive. Desmond survived the bomb, in the season 2 finale, despite being in close proximity. She has something to say to Sawyer, but dies before saying it. Miles then talks to her, and she says “It worked”. I don’t think this is what she originally was going to say to Sawyer, because how would she have known “it worked”? (Assuming that “it worked” refers to the bomb detonating.) How would she now know “it worked”? Because she’s dead and sees things from another realm.

Nice to see Arzt, Frogurt, Boone, Charlie and Claire in the ATL.

An ankh is in the guitar case. And now we know why it was on the final Lost ARG print.

So, at the end of the opening scene we saw the island sunk, under water. The guess here is the bomb detonating sunk the island. What happened to Jacob and the Man In Black? What happened to the Dharma Initiative? Here’s the thing. The two timelines have this link, the detonation of the bomb. Since then, you have a fork and the subsequent two timelines. What brings the timelines back together? What brings the ATL characters back together? Where are Jacob and Man In Black in the ATL timeline?

Like it was thought, a war is coming between Man In Black and Jacob that is about to be played out by everyone…in two timelines.

I have more thoughts and theories, but it’s getting late and I have work tomorrow! Let me know what you think! I’m also reading what other Lost fans think, and posting as well, at The Lost Community.

Oh, I’ve changed the DontTellMeWhatICantDo.com address to point to all posts that have the label “Lost” since the Lost ARG isn’t going on anymore.

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