Tuesday night is the long-awaited premiere of Lost. A great story is nearing its end. Thankfully, I’ve managed to make it to the premiere (just about) without coming across any spoilers for the upcoming season. What do I think will happen in this final chapter? Here are some of my theories, and I fully expect to be wrong on a number of these. (If you’ve never watched the show, key plot points will be revealed below. You’ve been warned.)

  • In the season five finale, Julia detonated the hydrogen bomb. I think this resets the timeline.
  • Thus, in this reset timeline, I don’t think the plane crashes. It lands in Los Angeles.
  • I only think a select few of those on flight 815 will have memories of what happened to them previously. Those that were “touched” by Jacob will be able to remember what happened. (That would be Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, Jin and Locke.)
  • The characters who can recall what happened on the island don’t recover their memories until the flight.
  • Characters who had died on the island (Boone, Shannon, Ana-Lucia, Eko, Libby and Charlie) are alive.
  • The Man In Black, who posed as Locke in the latter part of season five, will be revealead to have been posing (on the island) as Christian Shepherd, Yemi (S3E5 – The Cost Of Living) and Alex (S5E12 – Dead Is Dead).
  • While it makes complete sense for the Man In Black to be Esau, since he is so close to Jacob, I don’t think that’s who he is.
  • Locke will be in a wheelchair at the beginning of season six.
  • Why did Jacob touch/bless certain characters? They are his loophole to counter the Man In Black’s loophole. How so? I’m not sure, but war is on the horizon between Jacob and the Man In Black.

I have other theories, but this will do for now. If a number of my theories are correct, it will make for an interesting season. Characters with memories of the island will try to interact with characters who have no recollection. How does Locke interact with Boone now? Or Jack with Michael? What about Walt? (I think Walt is the perfect offshoot for any future stories once the series ends. Rumors have popped up about expanding the Lost universe.) What will people think when they see Locke in a wheelchair? What will Jack do when he sees Claire? Or when Hurley sees Charlie?

Oh yeah, I don’t think Sawyer ends up with Kate.

The series started with Jack opening his eyes, laying in the trees, after the plane crash. He comes to the beach, and the first character he interacts with is John Locke. Man of science, man of faith. Jack is wearing dark colored clothes, Locke is wearing light colored clothes. These two have represented conflicting sides throughout the series. Will that continue in season six? I don’t know. Near the end of season five, Jack started to have Locke’s faith. I can’t see Locke switching and becoming a man of science. Especially since he will have been resurrected after being murdered by Ben Linus. I’m sure Locke and Jack will argue about how to best wage war with the Man In Black.

And what of the Others, the Hostiles, the Dharma Initiative, Desmond, Penny, Danielle, Alex, Widmore, Radzinsky, Miles, Faraday, Juliet and so many…others? What about the Hurley bird?

There’s been resurrection, restoration and redemption throughout the show. What’s the end goal? Well, I have theories, but I’m ready to sit back, watch and enjoy this last chapter of the show.

One more thing, I’ll be visiting The Lost Community site throughout the final season. I’ve met (online obviously) lots of great people from the site.

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