The good thing about DVR? I can fast-forward through the commercials when watching Lost. I’m always engrossed in the show, and I hate the commercial interruptions. I can only imagine how locked in I will be tonight when I watch the premiere.

A couple of days after the fact I still think Up In The Air is a great film. I enjoyed listening to Jason Reitman, the director, being interviewed by Bill Simmons on one of his recent podcasts.

It’s almost comical how I monitor the musings of eighteen year olds, but that’s what happens with college football recruiting. A nice thing is Steve Yost and I get together almost every day now, at work, to talk Husker football and recruiting. It’s silly, but it’s also fun. We’re going to lunch tomorrow to watch the recruiting shows on ESPN and talk about the Huskers prospects.

It’s been said before, but I’m still incredibly grateful that former Sen. John Edwards did not do well in the Democrat primaries in 2008. The tawdry revelations that continue to come out about him are ridiculous and disgusting. It’s been said by some of his former staffers that if he would’ve done well in the primaries, that they would’ve sabotaged his campaign. That would have been quite the trainwreck.

Looking forward to the start of the Winter Olympics next week, even if Vancouver (the host) could care less about the event now.

I hope the United States can secure the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Is Division I college basketball even being played in the state of Nebraska this season? Combined record of Nebraska and Creighton, right now, is 24-19. And, it’s not like either of them have beaten anyone worthwhile.

Speaking of basketball, do you think the Boston Celtics would like a redo on their signing of Rasheed Wallace? What a bad signing that was for the C’s. It appears their window of opportunity has slammed shut for a few years. With Wallace’s bad contract and Kevin Garnett on the books through 2012, a lot of money is tied up them. At least Garnett brings something to the court when he plays, even though he isn’t the player he once was.

Did my taxes last weekend, and thanks to Turbo Tax it was the fastest I’ve ever done them. Granted, it helps when I don’t have to deal with Jana’s Mary Kay income anymore. Still, the time saved by using Turbo Tax, and the peace of mind, makes it a great purchase.

Kabob, curry fries and mayo, Coke…tasty goodness. Rockin’ the Olly Moss Locke’s Secret shirt…awesome. (Thanks again to @comixguru for helping me get the shirt!)

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