I was hoping to post a weekly recap last weekend, but then I got sidetracked with another post. Plus, I came down with a cold. Back to normal.

Last Sunday’s services at CCC went well. We had former Creighton Bluejay basketball player Josh Dotzler preach on the fear of violence. Also, current Nebraska Cornhusker football players Roy Helu Jr and Eric Hagg did a Q&A with Tim Perry. There was a tremendous response to all three of them and what they shared, which was great since we had close to 3700 in attendance last Sunday. You can watch video of them by clicking here and clicking on the appropriate video.

I also produced a video that played with Josh’s message last Sunday. (click here to watch the video and to read about it) I’m pleased with the finished product.

I finally saw Up In The Air last night. Allow me to compare it to Avatar. Avatar is groundbreaking in its production and presentation. It’s release is a tipping point for cinema and its future. The story is better than people think (or allow it to be). Avatar has deservedly won numerous awards and is on its way to being the number one box office film (not adjusted for inflation) of all-time. How does Up In The Air compare to all that? Up In The Air is a better film. Easily. Better story, better acting, wonderfully filmed and directed, Up In The Air is a great film. It may got lost in Avatar’s wake at the Academy Awards, but it is a wonderful film that, I think, deserves recognition from the Academy.

This past week the iPad was finally revealed by Apple’s Steve Jobs. I blogged my initial thoughts about it, and was even quoted by the Omaha World-Herald about it. What do I think about it now? The same as before. The concept is brilliant, but this first generation of the iPad is lacking.

The iPad was released the same day President Barack Obama delivered the State Of The Union. Interestingly, the date was chosen after word leaked he might have the address on February 2. Lost fans took to the web to plea that the address happen another night. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs even acknowledged it when the February 2 date was nixed. So what happens? The White House chooses January 27 and they are trumped by the release of the iPad. (Social media trends showed more discussion about the iPad than the State Of The Union.)

Speaking of Lost, spoilers are starting to leak out about this Tuesday’s premiere. I’m debating whether or not to avoid social media until the premiere. Some of us on Twitter had some fun with it. (click here, then here and once more here for one conversation I had)

Glad to see Roger Federer win his 16th Grand Slam.

What else? I finished my third “commentary”, which I’ll post about, and explain, soon. Started, finished and filed our federal and state taxes. And, I started seeing the ground around town. I’m wondering if this week is when all the snow finally melts. There’s been snow on the ground since early December. Crazy.

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