Updated: The Omaha World-Herald changed the link to the article, so the link in this post had been broken for awhile. It’s now fixed.

I’m quoted in the Omaha World-Herald regarding the iPad. I connected with the writer, Ross Boettcher, last week on Twitter. A few minutes after Apple’s “event” ended, I received a phone call from Ross asking for my impressions on the iPad. I was still processing the presentation, and Ross and I both called the iPad “interesting”. I think we both used the word in a way southerners use the phrase “bless their heart”. I blogged about my initial thoughts on the iPad a bit later.

I still think the concept of the iPad is solid, but this first generation model is a miss. Mashable already has a couple of posts up on why the iPad disappoints. (click here and here to read) The Unofficial Apple Weblog also chimes in with what the iPad is missing. (click here to read)

And, I now know why Steve Jobs didn’t talk more about the iPad’s capabilities with movies and tv shows. I thought I may have missed something in the feed I was watching, but I didn’t. This generation of the iPad does not have HD capabilities or a native widescreen. Steve talked about this device being the best at experiencing movies and web browsing, but there is no way it does when you can’t even experience HD video with it.

Hardly anything meets the level of hype that the iPad had, but I’m surprised at how much Apple whiffed on with this launch. The name of the product is already a punchline, time will tell if the product will be one to.

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