The first normal week for Jana and I since late October. She’s walking, I had a five day work week, and the boys continued to be awesome.

The previous post? That had started off as the recap post, but I decided to make it its own post. It was a draining afternoon, but it was also rewarding. I’m glad I can be used for good. I’m glad that I work at a church where I can call upon other staff to help me out in those situations. I’m glad people in the area know they can get help in their time of need at Christ Community Church.

One of my main projects, this past week, was producing a stats piece on violence in Omaha. It will play on Sunday, January 24. That’s the morning former Creighton Bluejay basketball player Josh Dotzler will be teaching in the services. Tim Perry will also interview Nebraska Cornhusker running back Roy Helu Jr that morning.

I came up with a different idea for this stats piece on violence in Omaha. I didn’t want people to get lost in the stats, or just tune out by thinking where they live isn’t affected by violence. I do think what I created will capture people’s attention. I showed it to Josh Dotzler, and he liked the concept and finished product.

Speaking of CCC, Nick Kelly and I commented how the church ended the year in the black financially. Pretty good considering there allegedly had been 1,000 people that had left CCC, and another 1,000 that were on their way out. Right. CCC ends the year in the black, and this past Sunday there were over 3,100 people in the services. Thank you God.

(If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you’ve probably read how disgruntled people in a ministry/church tend to round up the numbers of their fellow discontented people. My favorite still is the missions organization I use to work at and how some former staff claimed 250 people left the organization. 250 is more than the organization had staff.)

Saw Avatar this past Tuesday, and I thought it was a good film. The story is better than what I had heard. The effects are amazing. James Cameron is king of the world again. (Add Avatar to the list of topics I wish I had more time to blog about.)

I’ve been on Foursquare for almost three months. In one sentence, I’d call it a hybrid of Twitter and Yelp. I’m getting asked about it more and more. Here’s an article from Time about Foursquare, and here’s an article from Mashable about it.

My copy of Blankets arrived in the mail this past week. Blankets is an illustrated novel, and memoir, by Craig Thompson. From his upbringing in an evangelical Christian family, to life as a young adult, Craig Thompson bares all through words and illustrations. It is considered one of the best graphic novels of all-time, according to Time, and in 2004 won a number of awards. I’m looking forward to reading it.

As always, there is more to blog about. It will have to wait for now. You can always stay current with me by following me on Twitter. For more information on Christ Community Church, please visit the website. Thanks!

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