Some thoughts on Pat Robertson and his remarks about the earthquake in Haiti…

I do not agree at all with what Pat Robertson said about Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake there yesterday. Specifically, why it happened. Roberts says and infers the island has been cursed because of some alleged pact, that some Haitians made with the devil in the late 18th century? Really? Despite there being no evidence for this, he says it. Instantly, the rhetoric reminds many non-Christians (and some Christians) why they think Christians are a bunch of ignorant fools. It’s a stereotype I know I combat in interacting and conversing with people who aren’t Christians.

A spokesman for CBN put out a statement trying to clarify Robertson’s words, but even the statement states that this alleged deal with the devil is just that. An allegation. It’s an urban legend. This legend, along with Haiti’s history of poverty, has led “countless scholars and religious figures” to believe Haiti is cursed. Right.

I’ve heard my fair share of legends about the devil. When I was a missionary, I worked with some Christians that blamed everything on the devil.  It didn’t matter if there was a logical explanation for something, these people would seemingly go out of their way to concoct a reason as to why the devil was attacking them. There were demons in the road, demons in the houses, demons in the dog…demons, demons, demons.  It got these like-minded Christians riled up all the time. They’d tell you how the spent hours in prayer and spiritual warfare against the devil. Maybe it made them feel good about themselves to think they were under demonic attack when there was a leak in their roof or they had a headache.

Why would Pat Robertson say and infer what he did? Well, one reason is it’s a tactic that Christians have employed forever. Blame the devil. Easy sell and easy to explain. Some Christians are fascinated by all things demonic. Besides, some Christians like seedy stories about people groups and nations. As Gene Appel said, in the absence of information, Christians tend to believe the worst. It’s a lot harder to delve into the reality of the situation, like this earthquake, and that can’t be encompassed with some soundbite. It takes time to discuss and explain why there are disasters like this earthquake, why there is such evil that’s allowed in this world.

I think it’s great that Robertson’s organization is sending in aid to Haiti.

I know this latest statement from Pat Robertson is going to be used against me, at some point, when I’m conversing with someone about Christianity who isn’t a Christian.

Why does Pat Robertson continually make off-the-wall statements? Perhaps some of them are made while he’s under the strain of leg-pressing 2,000 pounds (allegedly).

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