I’m wondering if this weekly recap should also detail this past week’s weather. Even though we didn”t have the snow days at work, like the schools had, the continued “mild winter” (ha ha) keeps things unsettled. Two coworkers have had to deal with emergencies at their homes because of the weather. I like winter, but I’m ready for a respite. The pile of snow, at the end of the driveway, is almost as high as the stop sign. I’d also like to not have to shovel my roof again.

I think work was productive this past week. The weather threw a few kinks into things. Also had to deal with some server issues on the network. The project that has a lot of my focus is producing a video detailing violence in Omaha. I’m working with former Creighton basketball player, Josh Dotzler, on it. Josh will be speaking in our January 24 services. And, current Husker RB Roy Helu Jr. will also be sharing that morning. Should be a great morning.

I’ve also been helping with creative planning for other services in the Fear message series. One of the concepts centers around risk/reward. I mentioned a couple of ideas, like this one.

Keeping it with Fear, I’ve been doing promotion for it on Facebook, Google and Twitter. Continue to see a great return on those fronts. That, and the commercials we produced for the series, have made the overall promotion for this series outstanding.

We’ve seen a tremendous return on our various promotions, and yet I had another conversation, this past week, with a staff person from a local church about why they need to leverage the internet for their ministry. I think a church (in America) is committing long-term suicide if they purpose to not use the internet.

In other church news, we got the official word that financially we ended up the year in the black. Despite the economy, and weather affecting December attendance, people went above and beyond with their giving. God provided once again. No hard decisions have to be made. It also is a good sign as the church starts its capital campaign in 2010.

In pop culture, I saw Sherlock Holmes and enjoyed it. I bought the graphic novel Blankets, and its accompanying soundtrack. I continue to have conversations about Lost on Twitter. I think there will be a number of Lost related posts in the coming days and weeks.

Well, as always, there’s always more to write about, but it’ll have to wait.

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