I just wanted to say thanks for following this blog! RamHatter.com had readers from 76 countries in 2009, and almost 4,000 unique visitors. Now, for most blogs that may not be much. (That’s like four seconds of traffic on DrudgeReport.com.) However, I’m grateful for people reading what I have to say.

Thank you.

What were the top posts/topics in 2009 on RamHatter.com? Well, the LOST In 108 Words contest posts were big, with the announcement being the most viewed post. Here’s a list.
1. LOST In 108 Words (DontTellMeWhatICantDo.com)
2. Jana’s fractured leg
3. Drew Billings’ death
4. New CCC brand
5. Heart attack scare
6. Big Omaha…and Jesus
7. Michael Jackson & The Phantom Menace
8. Kingdom Color
9. Nicholas Kristoff
10. Coldplay/Boiler Room

I have ideas and plans to make RamHatter.com better in 2010. So please keep reading!

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