I’m a sucker for year-end lists like most people. They start conversations, make people reflect, and garner attention. What makes me laugh is when the year-end, or decade-end, lists come out in November. If you did that in 2009, you probably miss the Tiger Woods’ story for year-end and decade-end lists.

Reflection is good, but here are ten things I’m looking forwrad to in 2010. There are more things, but these keep coming to mind. In no particular order…

1. Apple – The worst kept secret in the tech world is the upcoming January 26th announcement that Apple will be releasing a tablet. (iSlate?) I am stoked for this development. My favorite computer I used is still my first MacBook Pro, a 12″ laptop. I loved how small, efficient and powerful it was. I expect Apple’s tablet to be the same.

As well, Apple’s contract with AT&T ends this year, and I hope they make iPhone available for the Verizon network. I will be getting an iPhone then, because I’m not dropping Verizon for AT&T’s worse service.

2. Winter Olympics – I always enjoy watching the winter olympics and the events I have no clue about. Jana and I will watch every night and cheer for USA in events we don’t know anything about. My favorite Winter Olympic sports? The various snowboarding, skiing and speed skating events. (Plus, we’ll get Stephen Colbert at the Olympics!)

3. Big Omaha – Last year’s Big Omaha event was educational and entertaining. (Click here to read some posts on the matter.) It also shined the spotlight on the great things happening here in Omaha, and throughout the midwest. I’m excited to see what Silicon Prairie News has in store for this year.

4. Toy Story 3 – I’m a Pixar fan. (click here) Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are two of my favorite films. Toy Story 3 is being released this June. On my birthday. Best. Movie. Experience. Ever?!

5. Husker Football – Until Jana’s injury, I routinely blogged about my favorite team. Let’s just say it’s been awhile since I’ve been this hopeful about a Huskers’ team. The Blackshirts played with an excellence that brought to mind the great Husker teams of the 90’s. The beatdown of Arizona reminded Huskers fans of yesteryear, and added to fan’s belief that the program is back. With a number of returning starters, and a favorable schedule, Nebraska could be BCS bound.

6. Work Innovation/Pioneering – A lot of my responsibilities at work are tasks I started out on my own without any plan. (A lot of people, coworkers included, mocked my use of social media. They don’t mock anymore.) I’m curious to see what new things I’ll be doing this year, since the Communications Team is deep into all things media and tech. It’s fun to keep utilizing things for good that people would never consider. Heck, a few years ago I’d be called “a heathen”, by some Christians, for doing some of what I’m doing for God now.

7. Online Presence – I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Vimeo, YouTube (it’s not worth linking to), LinkedIn and more. (Not to mention I have this blog.) I need to make a better network of my various online sites. Right now it seems like a jumbled mass that has no plan. I’m looking forward to making everything more cohesive.

8. Lost – One of my favorite shows begins its final season on February 2. I think the last Harry Potter book is the only thing I can think of that has ever been able to meet AND exceed its insane hype and ridiculous expectations. I will be blogging more about Lost in the upcoming weeks.

9. Unexpected – The good and bad surprises that will arise. Even the bad from last year, Jana and I’s health issues, reaped tremendous reward for us. We were blessed immensely by people. A year ago, I didn’t expect to produce a project like Kingdom Color, which was personally rewarding. I like that there are always surprises. It’s not always fun, and there were moments where it “sucked” dealing with Jana’s fractured leg (for instance), but it worked out for good. (Doesn’t mean I want to revisit a fractured leg again!)

Outside of my life, I look forward to the new trends in culture, sports, tech and politics.

10. Family – The joy of being married to Jana and having Liam and Duncan as sons. I cherish each new year, more and more, with Jana. One thing in particular I’m looking forward to, with Jana, is doing another study with her on Sundays. Every other Sunday we do a study during first service, and then go to the Access service.

I want my boys to grow up, so I can see who they will be. I don’t want them to grow up, because I love who they are right now. I was playing football with Liam, the other night, and he told me he was Ndamukong Suh. He asked who I was and I alternated between Tommie Frazier and Baker Steinkuhler. (I’m not sure why I said Baker, but Liam liked saying the name so I was Baker Steinkuhler.) He then asked who Duncan was, and I said he was Rex Burkhead. (I was then upset that I couldn’t be Rex Burkhead.)

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