Getting to enjoy the gift card I received, for Christmas, to Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob.

This past October, Omaha received snowfall early in the month. Weather forecasters said to not worry because it was going to be a mild winter here in the area. It was comical to read the article where they were backtracking on that front. Two blizzards and a record December snowfall will do that to you. Wonder what they’re saying now with the deep freeze Omaha is in, not to mention the snowfall coming tomorrow.

Speaking of comical, did you watch ESPN’s Mark May say coaching had nothing to do with Ndamukong Suh’s prominence? A clueless assessment from someone who is suppose to be a high profile college football commentator. Bo Peilini has played a huge part in Suh being the most dominant player in college football this past season. Look how far Suh, and the Huskers defense, has come in two seasons under Pelini.

While most baseball fans put the Boston Red Sox in the same financial league as the New York Yankees, the Red Sox are beneath the Yankees when it comes to revenue. Red Sox are being smart with their offseason moves. Making moves for the sake of making moves is not a strategy. The players weren’t there for them to sign to bolster their lineup, and they’d have to strip their farm system to make a trade for Adrian Gonzalez or someone else. I think the Red Sox going the pitching and defense route, by signing John Lackey, Adrian Beltre and Mike Cameron, is a good decision. Plus, they can save money and make a push for Joe Mauer next offseason.

Joe Posnanski is one of my favorite writers. Any topic Posnanski writes about is always worth the read, not just his passionate baseball posts.

Back to work. Producing a video that documents Omaha’s violence. It will be played in the January 24 services. Former Creighton Bluejays basketball player, Josh Dotzler, will be speaking that day.

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