Today I received my print of Tyler Stout’s Lost poster. I was a bit nervous, at first, because the poster tube was wet. (Why was it wet? Well, have you heard about this blizzard that hit the midwest?) Thankfully, the print didn’t have any water damage.

As most of you know, if you read my blog, this was the last poster in the latest Lost ARG. This poster allegedly has two clues to the upcoming final season of the show. Only 300 prints were made, and only 200 were made available to the public for purchase. 55,000 people attempted to purchase this print when it was made available. I was fortunate enough to get print #132/300.

Once again, these pictures were taken with a cell phone so they aren’t the best quality. If you’ve never watched the show, or aren’t caught up with the show, there are some minor spoilers below. (You’ve been warned.)

The print (24″x36″) in its entirety. Heavy on the season one and two references from the show.

One of the clues for the upcoming season. (Verified by producer Damon Lindelof.) The flaming ankh symbol.

I found it interesting who was and who wasn’t on the collage. First off, are Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Locke the Mount Rushmore of Lost characters? I think everyone would say Locke is, and Jack as well. Wouldn’t Ben be up there as well, though? If Ben, who would be the fourth? That’s where you’d have arguments. I can see why you put Kate and Sawyer up there instead. What would be even better? Have Jacob and the Man In Black up there with Jack and Locke.

Surprised that Daniel Faraday and Ana Lucia made the collage, and to a lesser extent Boone and Shannon. I’m glad Faraday is on there. Why not Miles, Charlotte, Richard, Rose & Bernard, Danielle, Penny, Dr. Pierre Chang (Miles’ dad), Radzinsky, Christian, Jacob or the Man In Black? Perhaps we’ll find out why in the upcoming season.

A chance to nitpick. One of my least favorite storylines from the series is the short-lived relationship between Sayid and Shannon. Never bought into it. It felt like it was written in just to get the story to the next chapter. With Sayid’s alleged love and commitment for Nadia, I find it hard for him to fall for Shannon. The whole story seemed like a nice way to generate sympathy for a character (Shannon) that was being written out. I thought there would be better scenes to capture, but then this poster does seem heavy on references and characters from seasons one and two.

I liked how there is an appearance of The Hanso Foundation, circa 1980 on the print.

It’s hard to tell in this pic, and once again I’m sorry about the quality, but you can see the plane still flying in the background. This is allegedly another clue about the upcoming season. I think it verifies what most Lost fans have been speculating in the aftermath of the season five finale. The plane does not crash now. This also may be why certain characters are and are not present on the poster.

The hieroglyphics from the Swan Station timer make an appearance in the clouds.

Tyler Stout’s signature and the print number.

There are much better pics of this print online if you are interested in inspecting it more. And, there are much better analyzations of the print as well. (The image has been available, for awhile, for fans to dissect.) If I had the time, it would be fun to discuss all the details within the print. (Like why the letter “F” is on the “T” in “LOST” on the print.) A great site to find out more about the posters is

I’m looking forward to framing the print and hanging it in my home office. Once again, I’m grateful for the Christmas gift money I received that allowed me to purchase this print!

3 thoughts on “Tyler Stout’s LOST Poster

  1. Thanks for posting this — my print has yet to come in the mail, so I have been staring at the G1988 poster version. The colors in the screen print seem more vivid.

    My understanding is that DCaaPB was conceived/planned around the end of S4, which is why many S4 and all S5 WCMs aren't depicted, and why Jacob and MIB don't make the cut. It may also be why Pierre Chang doesn't appear, since until S5 we saw him mainly in the DHARMA orientation videos and didn't know until then that he is Miles' father.

    I guess that doesn't explain how all 16 DHARMA logos made it to the bottom of the print. While the Lamp Post logo was seen in DHARMA special access at the end of S4, I didn't think The School, Cafeteria, Security, Motor Pool, or Submarine logos made their appearances until S5. So maybe they were added after the rest of the print was finished, or Stout was given those logos before they were revealed?

    Except for the 2 mini-spoilers, the rest of the print is Tyler Stout's interpretation of LOST. So while there's probably significance to why certain characters/scenes appear and others don't, and which direction they are looking, etc. the significance may only be to the artist — where Stout thinks S6 will take us. It'll be fun to hear from Stout.


  2. I hadn't heard that, but that makes sense. Looking back over all the prints, it is obvious that the scenes represented are from the first three seasons. The addition of the DHARMA logos (from later seasons) probably weren't difficult to add since they line the bottom of the print.

    Throughout the ARG, when a reveal would draw near, I would wonder why a scene from S4 or S5 hadn't been referenced. Now I have an idea. Thanks!

    The beauty of Lost. Scenes and episodes I don't like are ones that other Lost fans cherish. It would be great to hear Tyler say why he included what he did. Regardless, the print is great. He did an amazing job, especially when you know Lost fans are examining every detail like it's the Zapruder film.

    Thankfully, there were no references to “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Then again, maybe it's just me saying that! 😉


  3. Nice post! Although I am a huge Lost fan, I must admit that I am horrible about making up theories or cross disecting episodes. I just read everyone else's theories and research and say “oooohhhh yeah… Why didn't I think of that?” I think I will make it my new years resolution to come up with some of my own hypothesi. 🙂


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