I hope the Christmas holiday has been enjoyable for you. I’ve been taking a break from social media these past few days, and enjoying the holiday with my family. Here’s a recap on the week.

Like most in the Omaha area, I’ve had to deal with the blizzard. We’ve had 2′-3′ drifts on our driveway. I managed to shovel a path from the garage to the street. It was interesting. I’d shovel the top half of the drift, and then the bottom half. I still have to do the other half of the driveway, and the sidewalks. The past two snows we’ve had have me thinking about getting a snowblower.

I had another moment where I felt “I’m truly a parent.” It was Christmas Eve and I was putting together a bike Jana and I got Liam for Christmas.

Another parent moment? Getting Liam a gift that was promptly lost. It was a diecast Pixar Lightning McQueen car. The best part? This is the third time Liam has had this specific model, and the third time he has lost it. He really likes it, which is why I got it for him, again, for Christmas.

Work was hit and miss on Monday and Tuesday. A lot of my time was unfortunately spent fixing server and spam issues. Our cccomaha.org domain was put on a few spam blacklists because someone sent out an email which appeared to be spam. The toughest part was trying to explain to staff why they can’t send out emails with tons of addresses on them. They probably won’t like it when a new policy goes into place limiting how many people they can address on one email.

Work continues on the Fear tv commercial. I had a funny moment with Nick when he realized I’d never worked in 3D before in animation/graphics. (In past projects which I’ve headed up, I’ve always had someone else work on the 3D animation.) He just assumed I had when he assigned me to do a simple 3D graphic for the end of the commercial. I didn’t say anything because it’s not uncommon for me to be assigned tasks that no one knows how to do. I’ve often be asked to “figure it out” with a project. I thought this was another one of those times. Nick rolled with it once he realized I’d never worked in 3D. It just makes this next week tricky as we finish up editing the commercial.

I dropped more Facebook friends. For the year, I think I’ve dropped near 150. In most cases, it’s nothing personal. I just would like to have some sort of connection, with the person, within the past few years. (Like having had a conversation or exchanged an email.) I like logging on to Facebook, checking the feed, and knowing the people in the feed. I don’t care about someone from my fourth grade class, who I haven’t talked to since then, whose only Facebook status updates revolve around reaching a new level on Mafia Wars or Farmville.

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