I was hoping to do this weekly recap yesterday, but the days continue to be full. It’s the week of Christmas, and I hope Jana and I will have some time to enjoy the holiday with our boys. If nothing else, watch a holiday movie. We tried to watch Elf on Thursday night. I fell asleep about twenty minutes into it.

My work is really focusing in on the upcoming Fear message series now. We had a video shoot this past Wednesday evening. One of the scenes I scripted takes place outside, at night, where a woman is walking alone. We originally wanted to film the scene two Wednesdays ago, but that was the night of the blizzard aftermath. No way that was possible. So we delayed it one week. The delay caused us to switch locations as well. Originially we were to film at Village Pointe, but now we were at the TD Ameritrade parking garage.

We were on the top level, outside, amidst some snow and ice. Temps were around twenty degrees. I had forgotten to bring the right shoes to change into for the shoot, so my toes were cold. On this shoot, Jay was directing and Nick was the DP (director of photography). I operated the jib (boom device with a camera) and the lights. We also had a few other people help us out, and I was grateful they served in the cold.

The footage we captured that night, and from what I’ve sen from other shoots, has me thinking this could easily be our best commercial yet. The quality will be excellent, and that is due to using a Canon 5D Mark II camera on this production.

Lost amidst the Fear commercial was the Lee Strobel event from last weekend. He did a solid job with his message, once again. CCC had the highest non-holiday attendance with over 4,600 people at the services. Over 100 people said they became Christians at the event, and hundreds more asked for more information on small groups, recovery ministries and more. It was a tremendous weekend.

I was pleased with the Lee Strobel event because I helped promote it online. I had set up ads on Facebook and Google. On Facebook, we had 3.5 million impressions of the three ads, in the Omaha area, over a two to three week period. Almost 1,200 people clicked on the ad during that time. When Mark first heard the stats he almost couldn’t believe it. It was a phenomenal ROI. The ads didn’t do as well Google, which is understandable. I was delighted that people doing searches for “heisman” saw the ad and clicked on it. That made me smile. (Once again, thanks Ndamukong Suh!) Searches for the movies Elf and Avatar also got clicks on the ad.

The week also brought to an end the LOST In 108 Words contest, not to mention the Lost ARG. If you follow this blog regularly you know how much fun the contest was for me. I connected with hundreds of new people, and that is a treat. The charity auctions ended and I was able to raise more money for organizations than if I would have just given money. Plus, I was able to promote the charities and their work.

The final poster in the Lost ARG was revealed this past week. 300 were made, and only 200 were made available to the public. Reportedly, 55,000 people attempted to purchase the poster when it was made available to purchase online. I was fortunate enough to buy one. (I’ve got Christmas money coming my way. An early Christmas gift!) If I wasn’t already, I’m stoked for the final season of Lost.

CNN even had a news item on the Lost ARG.

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