(To read Day 16 #1, click here. To read Day 16 #2, click here. To read the winning entry in the contest, go to Day 16 #3 by clicking here. To find out more about what the LOST In 108 Words contest was about, click here, or you can get all the posts by going to DontTellMeWhatICantDo.com.)

Final thoughts on the contest…

What an amazing ride it’s been the past two and a half weeks. It’s been a blessing to me. It’s also been crazy to think that since I first mentioned the contest, on November 30, I’ve had people from 53 countries visit this blog. It’s also encouraged me to not always stand on the sidelines when it comes to online communities. The conversations and new friendships have been great. I look forward to continuing those, especially during this last season of Lost.

Themes/stories that came up a lot in the entries? People mentioned getting engaged to their spouse because of the show. Also, a lot of aspiring writers now because of Lost.

I’m still humbled by some of the entries. Some of them were very personal and revealing. Thanks for sharing what you did. Hopefully I can meet some of you who submitted contest entries at some point. I keep telling myself that one of these years I’ll get out to the San Diego Comic-Con, and that is an event where a huge number of Lost fans would be. If you are ever in the Omaha, NE area, please let me know.

I’m grateful the charity auctions have been going well. Thanks for supporting them. I’m glad some worthwhile organizations will be helped through the auctions.

I wouldn’t trade my three Lost ARG posters (Locke’s Secret, The Hatch and The Smoke Monster) for any others. My favorites after my top three? Jacob’s Cabin, Ben Linus, The Crash and The Dharma Van.

Favorite Lost swag with this Lost ARG? The skatedeck and the Locke’s Secret shirt.

Congratulations to Christopher Lee, once again, for winning the Lost In 108 Words contest.

It’s nice to know I played a little, indirect part with this latest Lost ARG. Thanks for playing along!


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