(To read Day 16 #1, click here. To find out more about what the LOST In 108 Words contest was about, click here, or you can get all the posts by going to DontTellMeWhatICantDo.com.)

Before I announce the winner, I wanted to say thanks. When I first had the idea for this contest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it could be fun, though.

Soon after the idea came to me, my wife fractured her leg and my life was in upheaval for a bit. Then, I had a heart attack scare and part of me thought it would be silly to do this contest amidst the upheaval. However, I decided to do it because I thought it would provide some respite, and it has. The stories, the conversations, the gifts, the friends, it has been a wonderful two plus weeks.

There are many people to thank, and I apologize in advance if I forget you. (Just don’t send the Smoke Monster after me.)

Thanks to LostARGS.com for helping me initially announce the contest. LostARGS.com is the site I’ve gone to for news relating to the current Lost ARG. Since the contest started, a number of their faithful readers have helped me shape this contest. One of the readers also anonymously donated prizes as well so more fans could be rewarded. (The followers of this site, LostARGS.com, have embraced this new person, me, to their island.)

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen (Doc Jensen), DarkUFO, DCaaPB.com for posting about the contest.

A number of others tweeted about the contest as well. Thanks to @andalone, @comixguru, @ReverendMilo, @Zort70, @Lottery_Ticket, @serieasten_news, @LOST_WFTB, @sawyerandkate…and I’m sure there are more. Just can’t recall them all right now. (Sorry!)

Thanks to @Lottery_Ticket and @ReverendMilo for ustreaming the Lost ARG art show last night at Gallery 1988. For many of us who don’t live in Los Angeles, or couldn’t make it in, it was nice to feel a part of the event by watching the live stream. Of course, then I saw the Lost swag, like the Locke’s Secret shirt, and realized I can’t buy one because I’m not there. (How awesome is that shirt?!) Still, thanks for not being able to enjoy the show as much so a number of Lost fans around the world could enjoy it.

Thanks to those of you that entered in the contest. Some of the things you shared were humbling to read, considering I’m a complete stranger. Perhaps someday this project can be expanded where it’s a book of Lost fans sharing their 108 word stories about the show. I know people would enjoy reading about how a show has done so much in impacting people’s lives positively.

Thanks for the conversations, once again. I knew this was something special when I received an email from Thorsten Wulff. It wasn’t necessarily an entry, but rather a conversation about life, Lost and so much more. Some of the other people I previously thanked I’ve had fun conversing with on Twitter, along with many others! I’m hoping once the holidays pass, and life calms down a bit, I can follow up more on conversations with Thorsten, my new tweeps and so many OTHERS. I have a lot of emails, posts and tweets to sort through.

Thanks to those of you who have been following this contest. I’m sure there are a number of you, like me, who do more reading than posting when it comes to blogs, forums and more. Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope you’ll continue to read my blog and/or follow me on Twitter.

Of course, thanks to Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof for not only their creativity with the show, but also the care they put into rewarding the fans of it. The attention put into this ARG has been great and enjoyable. I’m sure it’s a balancing act between rewarding and responding to fans, and staying true to overall narrative of the Lost story. Here’s an understatement, they do an excellent job.

Thanks everyone!

(Next post, the winning entry…)


5 thoughts on “LOST In 108 Words (Day 16) #2

  1. absolutely. Even if I don't win, all the posts have been great to read, and it's an amazingly generous thing to do. That, and the auctioning. Good job! I can't wait to read the top one.


  2. Thanks everyone for your comments. I truly have been blessed by Lost fans. I'm repeating myself here, but I am looking forward to season six and keeping the conversation going with fellow Lost fans!


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