(What is the LOST In 108 Words contest? Click here for the announcement and rules. What’s at stake? A chance to win the Daniel Danger Lost ARG print, Jacob’s Cabin, and lots of other cool Lost swag. There are also three charity auctions going on here.)

I think I just watched almost an hour on Ustream of the Lost ARG art show in Los Angeles. (Thanks to @ReverendMilo and @Lottery_Ticket for broadcasting!) I was chatting with someone that you almost felt like you were there, until you saw the cool Lost swag that was available and then you realize you are 1,383 miles away! (Seriously, how cool is that Locke’s Secret shirt!)


I’ve had a fun day with the contest. 23…Wow, coincidence it is that number? 23 entries have come in today, so far. There is still 4 hours left in the contest. (Okay, I did not purpose that! 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42…)

Contest closes at midnight PST, tonight. Tomorrow I’ll post a number of times on the blog. I’ll start with posting the runners-up entries. The winning entry will come later in the day because I’ll want to add why I chose it. In between, I’ll post about the contest itself.

You can still give feedback on the entries that have been posted since Day 1 of the contest.

Here are some entries from the past twenty four hours. Enjoy…

Live Together, Die Alone. It’s more than just the title of an episode, it really speaks to the state of the world as we know it. Much like on the island, everyone in the “real world” seems to want to splinter off, choose sides and battle until they can force everyone to think just like they do. It’s sad, but the struggle for the island between Jack and Locke, or The Others and the Dharma Initiative is no different than the struggles in the Middle East or the fight over our global economy. For true peace we must learn to live together or we risk dying alone.
–The Blot

Change. That the life we’ve lived is not the one we have to lead. That we are in control of who we are and who we can become. That whether society had labeled us a convict, or an addict, a sinner, or a saint, the person underneath is always much more complicated. That in the end, we are always given a choice. Fight or flight? Live together or die alone? Only when we take responsibility for our own actions can we make this choice, and not let others make it for us. Because really, who the hell are you to tell me what I can’t do?
–Josh B.

The most important thing I’ve taken from Lost and adapted to my life is the phrase “Live Together, Die Alone”. We all have our own lives to deal with. Our own problems. Our own secrets. Our own Past, Present and Futures to deal with, but tht doesn’t mean we have to face them on our own. This recurring theme in Lost made me look at Family and Friends in a new perspective, allowing me to open up and ask for the help and support needed to over come the problems in my life. I don’t need to win this competition, because thanks to Lost i’m already a winner.
–Billy S.

I’ve learned that a show that intertwines a rich literary based mythology treats its audience as intelligent consumers can entertain a worldwide audience. Which I’ve applied in how I communicate my faith across varied media. We may disagree about relationships, theories, characters, but the common love of the show, and it’s intricate way of weaving a story that combines elements of fate, destiny, and meaning of life can breed friendships with people of many backgrounds. It’s a challenge to me, to try to better communicate my faith in a way that is attractive and engaging to people that might not share my same values, and begin a conversation.
–Jon S.

My job was one of those toxic ones, where the not-so-nice people abuse their in-charge status. I remember one day bracing for a meeting, thinking: ‘I’m like Ben as Henry Gale.’ But then I thought, if he could survive, so could I. I felt bound and battered, but I had something to protect too – not an Island, but my hopes- dreams. I wouldn’t let anyone hurt them. Take them. They could beat me, but they wouldn’t break me. I’d never give up who I was. Never lose my dreams. So in this way, being my own Henry Gale, Ben! – Of all characters, actually saved me from being lost.

Don’t tell me what I can’t do—
for I’ve looked into the eye of this island
and what I saw was beautiful.

Everything that happened here,
happened for a reason.

I live in the real world.
I’m not a big believer in magic.
But this is different.
We all feel it. We hunt. We struggle.
But struggle is nature’s way of strengthening.

Why is it so hard for you to believe?
I looked down the barrel of the gun and I believed.
But I’m tired of waiting.

We have to go back.
We’ll never be free.
This is our destiny.
–Mary P.


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