(What is the LOST In 108 Words contest? Click here for the announcement and rules. What’s at stake? A chance to win the Daniel Danger Lost ARG print, Jacob’s Cabin, and lots of other cool Lost swag.)

It’s hard to believe this contest is almost over. It’s been a lot of fun, and a big reason is due to the Lost online community. They’ve spread the word about the contest, and thus I’ve seen an influx in entries in recent days. I need to try and put together a comprehensive list of people, blogs and websites that posted about this contest. Hopefully the word keeps getting out about the contest because I want Lost fans to have the chance to win the print.

It’s also been great to hear from some of you about the charity auctions for the Lost ARG prints of Walt’s Kidnapping, Ben Linus and The Polar Bear. I had some concern about doing the auctions and how it might be interpreted by people. Not sure why I did. So, I’ve been encouraged by your messages that said the auctions were a cool idea. Thanks!

Someone asked today if there is a favorite that has emerged to win the Jacob’s Cabin print. Yes, there is an entry that has emerged as the favorite to win. Still, nothing is finalized. I’ve marked some of the best entries, and I’ll reread them all again. Who knows, I may reread all the entries tomorrow! I want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance at the print.

With the overnight temperature is -7 degrees, with windchills hovering around -20 degrees, it provides another reason why being in Los Angeles, tomorrow, would be lots of fun. To all those who will be at Gallery 1988 for the last Lost ARG poster reveal, wish I could be there to share in the fun with you all.

Here are some entries from the past few days. I also posted an entry, on my blog’s Facebook page, that was writtten in haiku. As always, your opinions and feedback matter in who could win this print!

Selflessness. Self sacrifice. Total dedication to your truthes. Really believing in what you feel is true. Locke knowing he must die to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island, Jack knowing he must detonate Jugheads core, Charlie dying for the 815’ers rescue. Bernard knowing he must stay a castaway to be with his true love Rose in good health. Juliet seeing her sister cured of disease. So many instances of people doing something for others. Putting others before yourself. How a group of disparate people can come together, and do the right thing. Inspiring. Empowering. Trust. What a gift.
–Charles L.

Don’t forget to press the button; never trust a hot man in a Prada suit; never trust a hot woman with freckles; don’t throw knives unless you have psychic powers; sometimes it’s okay to get caught in a net; polar bears a’int as soft and cuddly as they seem; don’t trust the captain; no matter what happens, Jacob always loves you; the ‘H’ in Dharma is silent; Paulo lies; Richard’s eyes are just naturally dark like that; and whatever you do, for the love of God, DON’T press the button!
Have a cluckity-cluck-cluck day.
–Andrew F.

As simple as it sounds, I have learned that above all else, LOVE is by far the strongest power on the planet. Stronger than a hydrogen bomb, electromagnetism, or an incurable disease. Stronger than a dufflebag full of money, 16 years of isolation, or a monster made of smoke. Stronger than a leap from a helicoptor or your consciousness traveling through time. Even stronger than a rushing torrent of water. I mean, Charlie could have swam back out of the looking glass station after it flooded, but he didn’t. Why? Because of his LOVE for Claire. That’s powerful stuff. It’s good to know it’s out there. For everyone.
–John R.

LOST has inspired many people, whether humbling them with lessons in faith or terrifying them into driving for hours instead of taking the next flight. For me, LOST has taught the value of one’s legacy. There are billions of people here and in all of us lies flaws. We as a race are flawed. It is our own ability to find the good in one’s self and exploit it that we find redemption. It was Einstein who said, “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”. Even if it takes a great tragedy to convince us, every person has the chance to be redeemed, and remembered.
–Mike G.

Like the characters, each of us has a lot of issues in our past, some resolved, some unresolved. Some things we had control over, some we didn’t. There are some choices that in the same situation, we would make again, and others that we would take an immediate do over on, if only we had the opportunity. Each of us, has moments in our past that haunt us, things we did, that even we did not know we were capable of. Your past does not have to define who you are today. At this moment, you can choose differently and create a new definition of who you are.
–Jerry M.

I can’t say for sure which came first; my renewal of faith in Jesus Christ or a little show called LOST. Both were within the same timeline in my life and I know that one led to the other. Regardless, it was my destiny to enter a LOST chat room on April 1, 2006 and what I found was heaven on earth. I thank God everyday for sending the people I have “met” worldwide, virtually and actually, who have shown me that there really are decent, loving, compassionate people left in this world. I’m not nuts after all. And for that, I’ll always be grateful to YouAllEverybody. Namaste
–Julie D.

This is probably the generic response, but it’s the numbers that have impacted my life the most. When I watched LOST, I didn’t realize it, but the numbers were slowly creeping into my mind. Whether my test number happens to be four, or I see eight fifteen within a license plate, I instantly think of LOST. My mind makes me include them in everything I do; I play with the numbers, I think with the numbers, I even just write them down, and I don’t know why. Yet I don’t find it annoying, I find it quite interesting. Dude. That makes this story… one hundred and eight words.
–Jack Z.

When I watch Lost I question what people say. I look for clues to uncover someone’s story and now I do that in my everyday life. Everyone’s actions and feelings are a result of what they have been through. This has caused me to listen more carefully to people and made me more understanding. It has made me realize that people do things for a reason and you can’t get mad at someone for being the way they are. We all make mistakes and bad decisions and this is what shapes who we are and become. It doesn’t mean we are bad people, it means we are human.
–Chelsea C.

The most misunderstood character on LOST is Sawyer. He’s been afraid to love and has felt cold and alone since witnessing the deaths of his parents. I too, had been afraid to love because of a horrible relationship filled with lies and deceit. I had felt trapped under pain and isolated myself from any sort of faith. Watching Sawyer regain his faith in love by finding Juliet, through all his suffering, helped realize that regardless of what I have endured, love will always save me. I’ve recently fallen in love with my dream girl and we will marry this spring.
–Joseph A.

I would be Lost without LOST.
–Adam D.


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