As I mentioned before, I was tasked to create and produce a video that would introduce Lee Strobel. I was asked to put my stamp on it, make it witty and funny. So, I had fun with some aspects of Lee Strobel. His use of “The Case For…” on a number of his books, his endorsement of eHarmony and his blog which has two posts since July 2007.

I also used a few fail-safe jokes in it by referencing Ndamukong Suh and Twilight, in case no one was responding to the video. (I tell coworkers that with our creative pieces, you can always reference the Huskers. It’s a well that will not run dry. If you reference it well, it will be a huge hit.)

Another cool thing with this piece was getting some input from Twitter. I had tweeted what I was working on, and the concept of it, and Clayton Bell replied back with an idea I used. His idea was to play off the word “case” in coming up with another fake book title. (Thanks again, Clayton!)

Well, Lee spoke earlier in the evening, and I was curious how he would respond. It’s not often you get to openly tease one of the more influential Christians of the past twenty years. His response to the video? “Thanks for that introduction…I think.”

The crowd wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but they picked up quickly that it was meant to be funny. Lots of laughter. The Ndamukong Suh reference drew a cheer and the biggest laughs, and people laughed at the blog joke. (I had been told that bit wouldn’t be funny to most, but I thought it would be. Glad it got laughs.) I’m sure Lee has heard jokes about “The Case For…” since he authored the second book with that in the title. I’m also sure he’s been teased about his endorsement of eHarmony. I doubt he’s been given much grief over his blog, though.

After it played, and I saw it was received well, I went back to work. I’ll get the chance to listen to Lee tomorrow.

I’m grateful the video worked well with the event. Not bad considering I was tasked this a week ago, and I lost time working on it due to the blizzard. Glad it came together quickly.

Oh, one more thing. You’re welcome, Lee.

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