We’ll see how long I keep this up, but I thought it might be good to do a bit of a weekly recap. I’ll still have my rambling posts, so these will be a bit more focused.

The blizzard came and went. I told myself I will not be shoveling snow next winter, but we’ll see if I act on that. It was cool to see neighbors helping one another out. One of my neighbors helped clear our sidewalk and driveway during the blizzard. Twice. He also cleared the sidewalk for most of the street, and did a few other driveways. (The Post Office wasn’t impressed with his help because we didn’t get mail delivery until Saturday.) We’re blessed with some great neighbors.

One of the things the blizzard did with work is postpone a video shoot, for the Fear message series tv commercial. We originally were going to film at Village Pointe, this past Wednesday evening. With the windchill around twenty below zero, and of course snow everywhere, it would’ve been miserable to film. We’re now shooting that scene this Wednesday evening.

I came across a video earlier in the week, on BuzzFeed, that left me shaking my head. It was an old video of a pastor preaching against Pokemon. Back when I was missionary, I did a number of trips where I stayed with families. I remember the first time I was asked about Pokemon, which was in South Florida in the fall of ’98. A mom asked if it was safe for her son to like Pokemon, because she had heard it was demonic. We talked it through, which was good since I hadn’t even heard of Pokemon before then. I told her it wasn’t demonic. That conversation was the first of many conversation I would have regarding Pokemon. What I wonder now, ten years later, is how many of those that railed against Pokemon are fans of The Chronicles Of Narnia or Lord Of The Rings? (I always enjoyed hearing arguments against Pokemon, Star Wars, and Harry Potter, but then hear the same person justify their support The Chronicles Of Narnia and Lord Of The Rings. Always amusing.)

And, it’s been fun tracking Ndamukong Suh’s Heisman chances this past week, and reading all the articles written about him. A lot of love for Suh and the Husker defense. He didn’t win the award this evening, which was expected, but I find it pathetic he finished fourth behind Colt McCoy. (McCoy finished third.) People who voted for McCoy did so as a lifetime achievment award for him. If you watched the Big 12 Championship Game last week, it was obvious who the “most outstanding” player was on the field. Ndamukong Suh. Oh well. Suh will probably have a better pro career than all the Heisman finalists.

It is amazing, and also encouraging, that Suh got the recognition of being a Heisman finalist. He was strictly a defensive player. Charles Woodson, the only defensive player to win the award, also took snaps as a wide receiver and returned kicks on special teams. Woodson wouldn’t have won the award if not for also playing on offense and special teams. Hopefully defensive players get more of an opportunity to win the award in the future.

Finally, Jana started her physical therapy on Friday. The start of a long process, but we’re glad she’s entering into this next stage of recovery. She’s taken some steps without the aid of her crutches. I know Jana is feeling better, and is confident in her leg, because she’s doing a lot more around the house.

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