(What is the LOST In 108 Words contest? Click here for the announcement and rules. What’s at stake? A chance to win the Daniel Danger Lost ARG print, Jacob’s Cabin, and lots of other cool Lost swag.)

Ursus maritimus? Read on…

A great day for Lost fans with the release of season five of Lost on dvd and blu-ray. I tweeted earlier that many Lost fans are watching the season five episodes again and quoting John Locke, “We’re going to need to watch that again.” So true.

We’re at the halfway point of the LOST In 108 Words contest, and I’ve got a good idea on which entries have made “the list” of finalists. Still, there is a week left for people (like you) to enter the contest. So if you haven’t already, please enter!

I took a break from reading entries over the weekend, which was a probably a good thing. If you didn’t know, I’m a fan of Nebraska Cornhusker football, and they lost a heartbreaker to Texas in the Big 12 Championship Game this past Saturday night. If I would’ve read an entry over the weekend I would’ve forgotten what it said due to being focused in on the game.

Today, I’m launching the auctions for the Lost ARG prints Walt’s Kidnapping and Ben Linus. Proceeds from both auctions will benefit non-profit organizations. Walt’s Kidnapping auction will benefit an orphanage in Beijing, China. Ben Linus auction will benefit the Hospital for Women and Children in Koutiala, Mali. The auctions will go live, tonight, at 8:15 PM CST. The auctions are on eBay and will last for 10 days. This is so if anyone sees one of these prints at the showing in Los Angeles, on December 15, and decides they want the print they will have the chance to get it.

I’ll be posting more details about the charities, but here are links to the orphanage and the hospital. (Didn’t want to post about them now since that would make this post REALLY long.)

Ursus maritimus is Latin for polar bear. I’ve also decided to sell my print of The Polar Bear, whenever it arrives. The proceeds from this sale will go to benefit the Open Door Mission. The Open Door Mission aims to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. They do a lot to help children, who are unfortunately caught in that cycle. I think of those children a lot this time of year, especially on days like this when a winter storm is happening. I’m sitting on my couch, watching the snow fall, and my two boys are taking naps in their rooms. I know there are kids, in parts of Omaha, that are doing all they can to survive the elements right now.

I didn’t think I would have a chance to buy the fifteenth poster, because Jana and I were driving back from Ohio. I had (semi) joked with Jana that we should stop in Chicago so we could go to the poster reveal. She looked at me with a “are you serious” glare, because it would mean making our trek home longer. Not to mention taking our two boys, both age three and under, and waiting outside for awhile. (bad idea) We pulled into the hotel we were staying at, on Saturday night, and surprisingly we got situated in our room and there was still a few minutes before the poster reveal. Once it was revealed, and it was The Polar Bear, I was stoked. I liked it, and was fortunate enough to get it once it went on sale.

I wanted to do another charity auction, and help out the Open Door Mission, but wasn’t sure I’d be able to acquire another poster. Thankfully, I did manage to buy the print, and whenever it arrives I’ll take pics of it and put it up for auction.

More to come with LOST In 108 Words. Keep checking back!


2 thoughts on “LOST In 108 Words (Day 8)

  1. LOL! Perhaps I wasn't clear enough in the post. We had already booked the hotel the day before. We had driven 9 hours that day and I really didn't think we'd arrive at the hotel in time to have a chance to purchase the revealed print. However, we had a few minutes to spare. After making sure we were checked in, luggage was in our room, and my wife and boys were situated, I sat down at the laptop and realized I had a minute or two. It worked out swimmingly!


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