Hey everyone, just wanted to give an update on Jana and her ongoing recovery from her fractured leg. Plus, some other updates with the rest of us Murphys.

Jana saw her orthopedist this past Friday and the prognosis was good. The healing of her fractured tibial plateua is going well. The doctor said she can start to put weight on the leg by the end of the week. She’ll still be on crutches, but we’re hopeful she can be done with those by Christmas. (We’re optimistic and hopeful!)

Her first physical therapy appointment is this Friday. Outside of the initial injury (obviously), this will probably be the most painful part of the recovery. We’re not sure how long the recovery will be, but it’s nice to be entering into this next phase of the recovery.

We’ve been grateful for the various people that have come over to help watch the boys during the day. This is a big relief for me, and is a tremendous blessing to Jana and me. Plus, the boys enjoy the visitors.

The boys continue to be great with being careful around Jana. Liam asks about her hurt leg, and he’ll also ask me about my left arm. (The kid is great.)

One of the tough things with all this is we haven’t been able to enjoy the holidays, to the fullest, like we would normally. All of a sudden, we are a week into December and we are playing catch up with the Christmas season. We did manage to get the Christmas tree up this past weekend, and that was nice. The boys enjoy looking at the tree and ask about the various ornaments. (Well, Duncan kind of points at them and makes sounds.) Last night we drove around the neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights. It was fun.

So we’re doing well. There are definintely moments where we’re exasperated by the situation, who wouldn’t be? I think we’re doing well considering everything. That’s due in large part to family, friends and strangers who have supported us in a variety of ways since this all started.

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