It’s good to be back eating at Amsterdam. Talking Husker football, Ndamukong Suh, local pizza joints, and of course the appearance of Bono at Dundee Dell.

Liam’s favorite basketball player? Z. Z, as in Zydrunas Ilgauskus. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yes, he knows who LeBron is, and can even pick him out when the Cavs are on tv. But, he’s no “Z”. I wonder how many fans there are of Zydrunas Ilgauskus, let alone three-year old fans in Omaha, NE?

It deserves its own blog post, but I’ve changed my mind on the Pixar film Cars. This is due in large part to Liam and Duncan.

Creighton beat Nebraska in basketball. Wonder what Doc Sadler thinks about losing to a team from an inferior conference?

It probably means a bit too much to me that my fantasy football playoff streak is alive and well.

If any good thing came out of the Big 12 Championship game, its that there is real momentum for Ndamukong Suh to get the Heisman.

While it was great to learn the software Motion, I’m glad to be done with the animated bumper videos I produced for the message series Where Is God When and To Die For. Christine Gerhart, who created the illustrations, and I are celebrating with some Coke Icees this afternoon. We’re both ready to do some new creative work.

I’m having a lot of fun with the LOST In 108 Words contest I’m running. The conversations have been great with other Lost fans.

Some fun work projects are on the way that also deserve their own blog post.

Like I said, good to be back here, at Amsterdam, enjoying some curry fries and mayo and the conversation. Must be getting back into a routine!

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