(What is this contest? Here’s a link to the contest announcement.)

I love that I was born and raised in Omaha, NE, and that I currently live here. Still, there are moments where I think to myself, “Man, I wished I lived there.” I think I’ve had that thought with practically every poster reveal, and now comes the news of an art show with all the posters? Including #16? (Sigh…) I wonder what the swag will be. (I think the DHARMA skatedeck has been the coolest swag item throughout this.)

What am I talking about with the art show? Here’s the video.

I did like how Paul Scheer referenced Daniel Danger in the video, because it’s the print he created that’s being given away with the LOST In 108 Words contest!

Another reason why it would be cool to go to the art show would be to meet many of you. I try not to be too envious when I read about the Lost events out in SoCal. (Perhaps sometime I’ll make it to Comic-Con.) Those of you that do make it out to the art show, I’d enjoy hearing from you what it was like.

If some of you would like to submit another entry, go for it. I’m sure some wish they could edit what they’ve already submitted. Just submit again.

I did receive my print of Ben Linus today. I was hoping to take pics, but didn’t have time. I’ll do it tomorrow and post them. I plan on starting the charity auctions for Walt’s Kidnapping and Ben Linus early next week. After the announcement today about the art show, I’ll run the auction for 10 days. This is so if anyone attends the show and decides they like how the print looks they can have a chance to purchase it.

You can always track the proceedings on Twitter and Facebook. I usually have Twitter open at work if you want to say “Namaste”. I’m also posting some additional entries and tidbits on the Facebook page.

Thanks to those of you who have told others about this contest.

Another day, another round of entries. I’ve also gone back and reread some of the intial entries. There were a lot that came in the first day, so I want to make sure I didn’t gloss over any. Here are some more of the entries.

Thanks to LOST, I’ve learned that separating yourself from worldly struggles is an enlightening practice. Had these survivors landed safely they would’ve continued on with needlessly complicated lives. Most of them playing into misery cast onto them by others. The Island is tangible, but it also represents a symbolic state of mind. A hidden place far away from the rest of the world with answers just out of reach. A dark land filled with mystery, conflict, and disorientation. If we struggle through all of that, if we pause and look deep inside ourselves, we can find answers. All we need is determination and time.

“Everything happens for a reason” and “It’ll come back around.” to me these are the two big themes that I have taken away from LOST. I have found that over the years I have gone back to these two things in order to reground myself and remember that what we put out in the world is what we will get back. In fact I was having a pretty hard time at work and begun writing “It’ll come back around” everyday on a paper and found that once it truly became my mantra, and I started focusing on the positive that things got better, because life only ends once.

That brain can outwit brawn; that nothing lasts forever; that it will never be enough. That you desperately wish this hadn’t happened — but it did, so pick up the crowbar and deal with it. That you shouldn’t believe something just because you were expecting it. That maybe it wouldn’t hurt if once in a while you just told somebody what the problem was. That Star Wars would have been better off without the Ewoks. That you can’t let someone else tell you what your destiny is; that you don’t have to be born special to make yourself important. And never, never underestimate a man with a bunny.

When I was a child the world seemed full of wonder, terror, mystery, confusion, and surprise. Over time these feelings began to fade, drowned out by the mundane and the routine. Lost taught me that the vivid emotions of childhood are still within reach. Each clever, adventurous, and heart-stopping episode proved the point. Due to Lost I’ve dusted off paperbacks purchased in my teens but left unread — until now: a fantastic time-travel yarn by Heinlein; a galaxy-spanning tale from Asimov; a complex, convoluted novel by Dick. Each read flexing the muscles of creativity and imagination. What was once lost is now found.
–Rob P.

LOST for many has become more than a show. It has become an adoration, avocation, and inspiration. What LOST has done is spawn a curiosity and devotion to a set of characters and events that shape that world and those lives. It has shown me that within a series of faults and personal shortcomings, people can rise above and fix the mistakes that mark their souls like a Scarlet Letter. Whether that is a strained relationship with a father or an inability to trust others, you can fix those problems. That is why I’m LOST for life.
–Michael T.

LOST taught me that things happen for a reason and it’s up to myself to make the most of every moment. An example would be the recent release of poster #15. Unknowingly to me, the poster wasn’t at 44th Ward, and instead of being angry about waiting in line for 3hrs and coming out with nothing, I had fun with the people around me. In fact, there was one couple of which at the end of the night, they ended up paying for my dinner at 44th Ward. The husband told said, “They would have been LOST without my help.”
–Darrell A.


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