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Well, as things have evolved with this contest, I think I’ve settled on calling it LOST In 108 Words. Where it is now, and where it is going, is due to input from many of you. Thank you so much.

You may have noticed that the word limit has changed to 108. (Thanks again to “Congested” for the idea.) Those of you that already submitted an entry, you can resubmit with additional words if you’d like.

Now, I know the grand prize is Jacob’s Cabin, but more prizes continue to be donated. Here’s the latest list of prizes for runners-up.

  • Lost crew t-shirt (season 4)
  • Dharma Initiative Station 3: The Swan Flash Cards
  • Autographed DVD poster (season 2)
  • Autographed Michael Emerson photo
  • Autographed Josh Holloway photo
  • Autographed Dominic Monaghan photo
  • Autograped Ian Somerhalder photo
  • Autographed Evangeline Lilly photo
  • Dharma golf balls
  • Lost jigsaw puzzles
  • Lost The Game
  • Apollo candy bars
  • The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

I’m told the autographed photos of cast members have a certificate of authenticity included. If there are any more donations made to the prize pool I’ll be sure to let you know. I have a photo album on my blog’s Facebook page with pictures of the prizes.

I hope to have more time to respond to these entries personally. I’ve started trying to do that, but I’m a bit backlogged. Just know that I’ve read every entry and the additional stories many of you have added with the entry.

I’m sure many of you have done this, but let other Lost fans know about this contest. I’m sure many would like a chance at Jacob’s Cabin and these new prizes. Also, though, I think they’d like to read some of the entries that are posted.

Thanks again for your input, donations, encouraging words and of course your entries!

Here are some of the entries that came in today. Once again, the entries are diverse.

My older brother introduced me to LOST. When the show started, I was never into it. He graduated high school and joined the army. Two Christmases ago, he made me watch the show. It was amazing! Those few moments together created a bond between us two; we shared a common passion now. He was stationed outside of Baghdad during the 4th season. I would wait to watch the show and we would plan to watch together when he could be home. He was killed this year and won’t be home anymore. I will always cherish those moments.
–Chad M.

In “Through the Looking Glass”, we are shown scenes that are not flashbacks, but flashforwards from the timeline on the island. But we don’t fully know that until Jack’s desperate cry, “We have to go back.” What were we missing? The big picture. It’s easy to go through life making assumptions and choices based on the knowledge we have, without seeing the truth, without having faith that there are forces at work, or information we don’t have that will radically change how we see the world. The life lesson of LOST is to constantly question what there is to learn.

LOST has changed my life. I was once tremendously afraid of polar bears and other members of the bear community. They are terrifying. Once I watched LOST, a sense of calm came over me. Seeing Sawyer blast that polar bear and seeing Locke hairspray torch another one empowered me. It gave me strength to face my fears and finally battle them, bears I mean. I no longer look behind my back when hunting for boars. I no longer fear seeing charging bear visions in my sweat lodge. I am a hunter, not a gatherer.
–Jarrett M.

What hasn’t it taught me? I’ve been running a Rewatch Column on Chud.com in anticipation of the final season <http://losttherewatch.blogspot.com/> , and over the course of it I’ve explored topics as diverse as Existentialism, Biblical allegory, Enlightenment philosophy, Physics, modern and classical literature, Ethics, and world mythology to name just a few. I’ve never encountered an entertainment as capable of encouraging intellectual and spiritual growth – of prompting typically-passive viewers to engage, not just with the show or with each other, but with the larger world around us. Lost is as much a school as it is a show; I love it for that fact.
–Matt M.

Don’t trust anyone! Most people are opportunist A-Holes who will con you into entering BS numbers into an ancient DOS database or will threaten your girlfriend if you don’t perform surgery for free. Remember: Rose and Bernard flourished on the Island as soon as they got the hell away from everybody.

If you want to be a leader, kill a boar. Trust and believe after eating fish and mangos for months you’re going to buy whatever crazy is selling if it means a plate of Smokey Pork.

Ranch Dressing has a 30-year shelf life, homemade LSD will cause bad trips and VW buses stand the test of time.

Where one person may see a Christian parable, another will see complex quantum theory; where one will see a brutal conflict between opposite sides, another will see love bringing people together. One of my greatest pleasures watching LOST has been gaining an understanding of the different characters, learning their worldview, their rationalizations, their prejudices, and ultimately their humanity. LOST is a reminder to me in my daily life that people are a sum of millions of different experiences and that to deny anyone that complexity is to deny the one commonality shared by each and every one of us.

3 thoughts on “LOST In 108 Words (Day 2)

  1. It is wonderful to see the giveaway growing with donations and of course, the amount of entries you are receiving.

    Everyone gets something different from the show and that is one of the major things that makes this show so special. Everyone sees through different eyes.


  2. I'm curious to see what develops. If the first few days are any indication it will continue to be great to experience the Lost community through their entries, kindess and more.

    And, yeah, Jarrett's entry was awesome.


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