Yesterday, and today, I’ve been trying to get caught up with seemingly everything. I still feel a step behind at work, but I’m grateful my bosses and coworkers have been gracious and understanding with me. This morning, I was hoping to get to work early so I could get a jump on some production work. It didn’t happen. Everything just takes a bit longer when you’re doing tasks you’re not accustomed to doing on a routine basis. Preparing breakfast for Jana and the boys, cleaning the boys up and getting them ready for the day, helping Jana out, dropping the boys off at a friend’s house for the morning…you get the idea.

I don’t begrudge it at all. I’m grateful I can be there for my family during these times. It just cuts into time. And, once again I find myself wondering how single parents pull it off every single day. Granted, maybe it’s different with my boys who are age three and eighteen months, and caring for my wife who is still recovering from her fractured leg. Still, I know of single parents who have young kids and just grind it out every day. They do it with a commitment and love that is awe inducing.

(Jana chuckled that with all this going on I decided to still go ahead with my LOST in 108 Words contest. Really, that is a nice respite!)

One of the big things today, at work, was getting caught up to speed on a tv commercial I conceived and scripted. I was doing work on it before I headed to Ohio, and I planned to do some work while there, but then my health issues came up and I didn’t work on it at all. Nick, Jay and I met today to make sure we are all on the same page as we proceed.

I can’t recall if I blogged about it, but the tv commercial promotes the upcoming message series, at CCC, titled Fear. Originally I wanted to utilize clowns, but that idea got nixed. People liked the idea, but just didn’t think it would work best. (It was interesting, a number of people at work brought up how clowns freaked them out. Perhaps they didn’t want to do a commercial with clowns because it would be to frightening to them personally. Ha!)

My next idea was to go with an Alfred Hitchcock theme/style. That idea was well-received and I was asked to outline the commercial and provide a few more details. I thought it should be black and white with no dialog. Let the scene and music drive the narrative. It adds an ominous tone, but also I think we, individually, do a much better job of creating our own fears. Why define how a fearful scene should be interpreted, when viewers will interpret it hundreds of different ways with their own fears influencing those interpretations?

At first, there was some skepticism with no dialog, but as the idea was talked through more people really got behind the idea. What eases concern with others (and me) is having people like Jay and Nick help produce and direct this. I come up with the idea, but those guys make it happen. Jay amazes me with how he makes scenes come to life. (I really saw this with the Jealousy Anonymous video I wrote. The original idea was for the video to be a bit silly, but I was worried it would come off cheesy. Jay directed and edited it well. It had its silliness, but still it was enjoyable.)

I’m excited to see how this commercial comes together. Nick has been great with letting me miss some of the upcoming video shoots due to family obligations. It’s tough because I enjoy doing the shoots, and this idea of mine is one I really want to succeed. I want to be there to help produce. However, knowing Jay and Nick are on it provides assurance. It also allows me to continue to be there for Jana and the boys.

I’ll post some of the storyboards I crafted in the next few days so you can get an idea of what is to come.

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