(Update: Made change to title, and thus contest, due to a suggestion in the comments. Great idea from “Congested”.)

I think I’m in for a treat these next few days. Just finished reading twenty-eight submissions for the free print of Jacob’s Cabin I’m giving away. The contest is open for another two weeks. I will have a difficult task ahead of me picking a winner! (I’ll be interested to see what your comments and feedback are regarding some of the entries I post. I wonder if you’ll have a tough time deciding on a winner as I will.)

A cool thing, though, is someone messaged me and offered to donate some more Lost related goodies for the contest. They didn’t want any credit, just wanted to bless some fellow Lost fans. (Awesome!) I’ll be getting photos of the new items to post here, but let me just say if you don’t win Jacob’s Cabin you may not be disappointed if you come in second place. (Look at the pic below!)

Before I post a few of the entries, some comments.

  • Congrats to Andrew Hawryluk! He was the first person to submit an entry, at 2:09 AM. In the spirit of the Lost ARG, I thought he should get something for being first. It will be mailed out tomorrow.
  • Thanks for the kind words many of you have said to me. I’m already having a lot of fun with this, and getting to know some of you has been a treat.
  • Someone wrote at the end of their entry that it had been cathartic for them to write what they did. A few others shared with me just what the show has meant to them without even submitting something. They just wanted to share, and I appreciated reading those stories as well.
  • I’m posting some more stuff relating to this contest on my blog’s Facebook Page. For instance, I have Andrew Hawryluk’s entry posted there.
  • Thanks for sharing your stories with a complete stranger.
  • And, if by chance Ronnie Midfew Arts thinks I’m in violation of some of their intellectual property with this contest I’m doing, I’d be more than glad to receive a letter from them letting me know. 😉

The entries that I post aren’t necessarily the favorites to win. They reflect the diverse entries I’ve received so far. Here are ten in no particular order. Enjoy.

I lost my faith in 2002, and LOST has complicated my agnostic front. The struggle between Jack and Locke, between inheriting purpose for one’s life and the knowledge of its futility, embodies my struggle since 2002. I often feel like Locke, searching for meaning in pain. Jack’s incessant desire to succeed and fix, not because of its larger meaning but because of his complicated relationship to his dad, mirrors parts of my own journey toward agnosticism…denying a heavenly Father’s role in my life and still offering up the fruits of my success as proof that I’m better than him.
–Christopher L.

LOST applies itself to my life in a pretty significant way every day. One of the steady themes through the show has been ‘daddy issues’. Being the son of an alcoholic and adulterer, you can either grow up destined to repeat your father’s mistakes, or be conscientious enough to do the opposite. When my daughter was born, I made a life decision to be a better father for her. Is Jack destined to end up like Christian? Am I destined to end up like my father? I don’t think so. I believe our path is chosen by us ourselves.
–Chris J.

Inspired by The Women of Lost
Like Sun, I am quiet but fierce.
Like Claire, my first and last thoughts of the day are with my baby.
Like Juliet, I saw the way you looked at her (and smashed open a nuclear bomb to express my rage).
Like Rousseau, isolation leads to mental chat and crazy hair.
Like Nikki, I am sometimes unbelievably, incredibly stupid.
Like Cassidy, I’ve been conned, but live on.
Like Penny, I won’t give up.
Like Kate, I don’t always know what I want.
Like Eloise, I know what you’re going to do before you do it.
Like Fate, I am a fickle bitch.


I admit, I would peak under the Christmas tree, trying to gauge the shape and heft of each gift until I knew precisely what was in each box.

Then came the Hatch. Oh, that mysterious Hatch! What could possibly be inside? The months of waiting taught me how much I love the anticipation.

The payoff – a mad Scotsman with a penchant for button-pushing – wasn’t a let-down, simply the end of that wonderful mystery.

Soon, all of Lost’s mysteries may be solved. But I’ve learned my lesson: Anticipation of the unknown is often more rewarding than the answers. I can wait!

–Bryan P.

This may not entirely count, but I have found the love of my life through Lost! During the second season, a friend of mine started getting a weekly group together to watch the phenomenal show, and through his friend’s a certain girl was invited. We became friends and bonded through the show, talking weekly, then daily, which eventually led us to dating. I proposed to her during the season finale of last season, since the show has been such a big part of our life.
–Brandon G.

The one thing that Lost has taught me is that having Faith is one thing in life that can get you through anything. Locke never gave up his faith in the island. The last two years of my life have been quite difficult (with my own medical problems). Lost has been my little escape from that. It strengthened my Faith in God and myself and enabled me to pursue a treatment in which science has no faith. Little by little I am getting better. I will never give up my Faith or my hope to redeem my life.

Lost has reminded me of the value of patience and the reward of secrets. Life has so few surprises anymore that you have to savor the ones you get. In a world of spoilers and those people that love to ruin the twist of a good movie, the chance to embrace that feeling of anticipation is unique. I encourage my son to play his games without cheat codes and I’m trying to convice my wife to wait until “the day” to discover the gender of our child-to-be. Appreciate the surprises in life, there’s not too many left.
–Matthew K.

“Live together, die alone” Has been said numerous times within the world of LOST & while the life and death situation may not exist in day to day life, the overall message applies to most situations. A few months back, I was laid off from my job and went into a “hermit mode” for a few weeks. It took my friends encouragement to get back out and still keep living my life. Even my return to work later this week is only because a friend was looking out for me, a job I would have never heard of without my friends.

In the past, when I made a connection , like John Locke’s Gilgamesh crossword clue and a Star Trek episode, I would smile a little smile to myself. Lost is a story that bursts with connections in so many directions that I can no longer explore alone. Now, I mourn Charlie with co-workers. My son and sister on different coasts run out early and send back poster revelation news. I debate online -does what happened always have to happen? I condole with fellow explorers stories -of fire, lost jobs, nearly lost limbs, lost children. The Lost family shares, and I share too.

LOST In the Moment
Strangers become passengers as they board a plane.
Their lives connected together, so simple, so mundane.
A mysterious island awaits, just beyond their view.
Their destinies now connected, their lives askew.
The island calls their name, their past’s now assessed.
One bound to wheels can walk, he becomes obsessed.
A doctor, haunted by relationships he had to destroy.
A girl who murdered for love tries to find some joy.
The con man, the mother, the brother, the lotto winner, all now unseen.
Which makes me wonder, whatever happened to Oceanic flight 815?

6 thoughts on “LOST In 108 Words (Day 1)

  1. @Amy Lynn- yeah, me too. I edited and re-edited until i was at 100 words exactly… apparently i'm a real chatterbox when typing. 🙂

    Thanks for the contest! Seeing these entries makes me feel like I am definitely not going to win- but i am grateful for the chance to express how LOST has touched me. Thank you!


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