Update: Made edit to contest’s word limit. Now 108 words instead of 100.
2nd Update: More Lost swag has been donated to the contest. To see photos, click here.
3rd Update: For latest news, go to DontTellMeWhatICantDo.com
4th Update: The charity auctions can be found by clicking here.

First of all, I just want to say thanks to The Lost ARGS for posting about this contest. The Lost ARGS is a great site, and whenever there is a poster reveal I’m on that site that day/minute/second of the reveal.

So, I’ll lay out the contest and then provide the backstory.

The contest is for a print of Jacob’s Cabin from the current Lost ARG. In 108 words or less, what is something you’ve learned from Lost that you’ve applied to your life? Email me your submission at ramhatter4815162342@gmail.com.

Contest runs 15 days. Last day to submit is December 15, 2009.

The contest is open to everyone. Please only submit one entry.

Winner and runner-ups are announced on December 16, 2009. (Hopefully, all the winners receive their goodies by December 23.)

Runner-ups will have a choice between some random Lost goodies. (Unfortunately, my copy of Bad Twin is nowhere to be found.) The magazines will be pooled together. Everything else will be separated.

Take some time and be thoughtful with your entry.

If you have a website, or Twitter account, please let me know. I’d like to get to know the Lost community a bit more. You can also follow me on Twitter and this blog on Facebook.

If you want to follow this contest, but not necessarily my blog, just type in DontTellMeWhatICantDo.com. That will redirect to a page with only blog posts with a “Lost ARG” label.

My own disclaimers:

  • If you submit something, understand that I might post it on my blog. Throughout the contest I will pick and choose various entries to post on this blog, and on RamHatter Facebook Page. While I’ll be the deciding vote, I’m definitely curious what OTHERS will think about various submissions.
  • If I do post your entry on my blog, I will post your name with it. That’s all.
  • If by chance there is a crazy overflow of entries, I might try and package them into something and publish it. If that happens, you would not receive anything off of that venture.
  • If you’re a friend of mine you can enter, but unless you’ve written something on par with Shakespeare you won’t be winning.
  • Understand that submitting something with abusive behavior/language, discrimination, threats and offensive material will disqualify you in all likelihood.

Any questions? If I forget something I’ll post it here.

So why do this? A number of factors. First of all, I have enjoyed following this latest Lost ARG. (I’ve bought a number of prints. My favorite is Locke’s Secret. If you haven’t read my post on it, click here.) It’s been fun to read people’s comments on the ARG, the show, life and much more. It’s been cool to read how Lost fans would help one another in tracking down clues, posters, promo stuff and more. I experienced this firsthand when someone sent me a bookmark, for free, from the fifth poster reveal. (The Love Triangle poster.) I didn’t know this person at all.

When the Walt’s Kidnapping poster reveal happened, I just had the random thought it might be fun to bless someone with a poster for free. (Maybe this was due to sleep deprivation since I was up at 4:00 AM trying to buy the poster.) At this point in the ARG, there were a number of fans who were striking out when trying to purchase the poster in the four seconds it was available. I’d always managed to get a poster when wanting one, up to that point, so why not help someone out?

Plus, it’s the Christmas season. A time for giving, and I really like this time of the year. The tough thing was how to decide who gets the poster?

I wanted to have some fun with it, though, and perhaps play a tiny part in this entire Lost ARG. The idea for a contest was born. And, to have more fun with the contest I bought the domain DontTellMeWhatICantDo.com. (Locke is my favorite character on the show.)

Lost is much more than a show, as its dedicated fans can and will tell you. I wanted to tap into that. I wanted to hear from others their experiences from the show. I wanted people to read why Lost is not just any show that’s been on television. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in conversations with people trying to explain why they need to watch the show. (Top 3 shows I’ve tried to sell people on? Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Veronica Mars)

As I continued to brainstorm, I thought I could also buy posters and sell them for charity. Besides raising money, it would raise awareness for some non-profits I have worked with over the years. People were already flipping their prints for ridiculous profits on eBay.

Well, then my wife fractured her leg. The idea of doing a giveaway, and an auction for charity, seemed unlikely. I ended up selling one of my prints, The Swan Station, to help pay for the expenses from her injury. I considered selling other prints.

The response my wife and I received in the aftermath of her injury was overwhelming. This was a factor in keeping the idea of the giveaway alive. Besides, doing this brings a smile to my face.

When Jacob’s Cabin was revealed, I thought it would be a great print for a giveaway. A number of people liked it. (As did I!) When I bought it I knew I scored a low number. I thought it would be great to do a giveaway of #101, but I think #104 will do just fine.

As far as the other prints for charity? I decided to go ahead with that as well. I won’t have the money to do year-end giving to some charities, due to medical expenses, but I can raise money and awareness for these charities by selling prints. I’ll post more details about these sales later, but I will be selling Walt’s Kidnapping and Ben Linus. The Walt’s Kidnapping auction will benefit an orphanage in China I have worked with since 2002. The Ben Linus auction will benefit a hospital in Mali (West Africa) that helps women and children.

If you follow my blog, this contest may seem like a crazy thing for me to do at the moment. As I was telling my wife tonight, it brings some respite and joy amidst the upheaval we’ve experienced lately. She agreed with me.

I hope this is fun! The clock is ticking down starting…now!

6 thoughts on “How You Can Win Jacob’s Cabin

  1. Hey,

    when i read this topic i thought…what a guy..he giveaways his Jacob's Cabin poster only because he likes this wonderful community so much and because of the fact that so much people like the print. And with the will to SELL two other TOP-prints of the set only to donate it to “a hospital in Mali (West Africa) that helps women and children.”

    This is so awesome, Dude !! (like Hurley would say ;))

    I like this sommunity and the whole Lost thing, too. One of the main-reasons is, that i've never seen a TV-show which is fascinating so many people over a so long period of time. Never met such nice and honest people.
    Just look at the Trade/Sale Thread on the Spoiler TV LOST ARG Forum for example.People are trading and selling prints, some of then only even to give posters to people who are going for the whole set. Such a nice behaviour….never seen before 😀 And this makes me proud to be part of this…

    how can I take part in your donation to the hospital. Iam studyinbg medicine in Germany. (I'm from Hamburg).
    I wanna donate money!! Maybe you can make it a way that i could pay via PayPal…then i think more people would be donating…and this would be a very very cool and fair thing…because…HELLO? He gives his Jacob's Cabin away…and wants to sell 2 prints for donating.I want to donate 😀

    “It's been fun to read people's comments on the ARG, the show, life and much more. It's been cool to read how Lost fans would help one another in tracking down clues, posters, promo stuff and more. I experienced this firsthand when someone sent me a bookmark, for free, from the fifth poster reveal. (The Love Triangle poster.) I didn't know this person at all.” –

    This is soo true. The last 15 weeks were such funny, interesting and untouchable. I really enjoyed it.
    I found someone who sold me the Hurley “I Heart my Shih-Tzu” Shirt from the #7 Reveal for a really low price…because i liked it so much…wanna send it to Jorge Garcia soon to let him sign the Shirt if he'll do it. But i think so 😀

    so i wanna take part in this contest…let's see how you like my workin 100 words i'll send it to you in 5 days or something i think…got much to do :)…to maybe win the Cabin poster ((i missed it)…

    and now gettin here the chance to win it for nothing? this is destiny or what? :D)

    i wanna take part in the donation…please let me know how i can donate irrespecting if i win or not, of course and please let me know if this is enough to take part.

    Thanks for doing such a big lovely thing to the community. I appreciate this VERY MUCH.

    Best regards and good luck,



  2. Oh my! It is so much of you to do this contest. Especially when you seem to have been going through a lot the last month. It really made me think about the problems I have.

    Your poor wife I hope she has a fast recovery. I read your blog about her injury and flinched because I know how painful knee injuries can be. I will definately keep her in my prayers.

    Doing this contest is really kind of you. You will not only be giving one Lost fan an awesome gift but will be helping charities as well.

    You must let everyone know when you are going to auction them off. I stayed away from ebay, because I was mad at the flippers. But that is an excellent cause


  3. Guys, thanks for your kind words and thanks for the thoughts for my wife. She's been blessed by the kindness of strangers lately.

    In the coming days I'll be posting more details about the charity auctions and the non-profits they will be supporting.


  4. Hello sir. Let me start off by saying this is a great contest and the few entries you've posted so far are wonderful. I guess my only question is in regards to the content of the submission. Is this a “What does LOST mean to you” type of deal, or are we describing theories in 108 words or less? A mixture of both, or is it anything to do with LOST in 108 words or less? Sorry if it's confusing, I'm still waking up 🙂

    Thank you

    – Flax


  5. Flax,

    You know, the original questions was “In 108 words or less, what is something you've learned from Lost that you've applied to your life?”

    People have been creative with the entries. So, whatever inspiration comes from that question, go for it!


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