So, I posted earlier in the day about the Jacob’s Cabin print giveaway I’m doing. A little while later I head off to the doctor to follow-up on the heart attack symptoms I had last week while on vacation. (And, this post is ultimately about that.) I come home, hang out with my family, put my boys down, and then check my email to see if I’ve received any emails regarding the contest. Inbox was flooded. I laughed and smiled. I’m going to enjoy this contest.

If you’re new to this blog, here’s a quick rundown. My wife fractured her left tibia, just below the knee, a month ago. Thankfully, she didn’t need surgery. She has not put weight on it since then, and she’s not suppose to for a few more weeks. What makes this difficult is my wife and I have two sons, aged 3 years and 18 months. And, my wife is a stay-at-home mom. Not necessarily easy when you are on crutches.

(To read more about Jana fracturing her leg, click here. Or, click on “Jana’s knee” label at end of post for all the post relating to it.)

Last Monday, I went to see the doctor due to tightness and pressure in my chest, and a consistent tingling sensation in my left arm. (Really I was taken to the ER, but when it is the ER for Amish it just sounds ridiculous. Even more so when you are wondering if you are having a heart attack.) I was in Ohio, driving in the previous day, where my wife and sons were. They were staying with Jana’s mom, who is a nurse.

The doctor didn’t think I was having any heart issues, my EKG test was normal, but during his exam one of the things he couldn’t rule out was I might have had a “minor” blood clot, a pulmonary embolism. I did have some respiratory issues, and was dealing with some anxiety. The anxiety was due to thinking through how to take care of Jana and the boys once they returned to Omaha.

We returned to Omaha yesterday, and I met with my doctor today. He didn’t think I was having any issues with my heart. All my indicators are good with regard to my heart. He was obviously concerned that having a blood clot hadn’t been ruled out. He administered a D-dimer test (a test that indicates clot removing substances in your blood) and the results showed I didn’t have a blood clot. (Some more relief.)

The anxiety I had? Well, the doctor said it is completely understandable considering the situation my family is in. It’s interesting, I’ve travelled the world and have been thrust into some stressful situations that didn’t adversely affect my health, but my health has been affected this time.

According to my doctor, anxiety can sometimes be caused by a situation in which you can’t run from it, and you can’t face and fight it. When Jana and the boys were in Ohio, and I was in Omaha, I couldn’t run from it or face it. I couldn’t do anything accept worry about the upcoming weeks and months.

What are some changes I’ll be implementing? Well, when the anxiety started I stopped drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks. My doctor endorsed that. He also told me a few other things relating to diet and exercise. Get some rest, and take a bit of a break from everything once a day. The big thing, he said, was to get help and to not try and do everything on my own.

I’m not sure how it will all work out, but I’m confident it well. I’ve already been blessed by so many family, friends, strangers, coworkers and more this past month. Part of me doesn’t want to annoy these same people by continuing to ask for help, but I know many of them want to help. So, yes, we still need your help.

Christmas is a busy time of the year for me at work, and I have a few big projects waiting for me when I return to work tomorrow. (Like producing a tv commercial.) I wish I could stay home and help with Jana and the boys, but I can’t. Thankfully, some people have offered to come over and help Jana out with the boys during the day. We still could use some help, though! Jana has a schedule of when people are coming over, and when there are open days. If you’re interested in helping, just let Jana or I know.

Jana’s next appointment with the orthopedist is this Friday. We’ll know more then. Until then, thanks for your prayers and support. I’ve been grateful for all of it since this whole ordeal started.

3 thoughts on “Latest With Jana And I’s Health

  1. If I was in Omaha (my birthplace + still tons of family there), I'd be over to help out in a second. But seeing as I'm in Denver, all I have to offer you is my prayers and you and your family are in mine daily now.


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