This month of November has been one of the craziest months of my life. I’m laying on a Ramada Hotel bed in Moline, IA, I think.  It’s hard to say for sure because I haven’t been able to recall what day it is. So much good, bad, fun and ridiculous has occurred these past four weeks. Here’s twenty-eight things that come to mind.

  1. Jana fractures her leg
  2. I have a heart attack scare
  3. Liam turned three
  4. I was blessed immeasurably by Twitter friends and cohorts
  5. Drove to Ohio twice
  6. Found out in all likelihood nobody will lose their job at CCC due to finances
  7. Huskers won every game they played
  8. Scripted and storyboarded a tv commercial
  9. Listened to a Pulitzer Prize winner speak in person
  10. Ate at Chick-Fil-A…twice
  11. Visited Threadless
  12. Visited Granger Community Church and was blown away by the excellence
  13. Played Foursquare
  14. Duncan learned to say “thank you” around Thanksgiving
  15. Smiled at Liam and Duncan watching same Charlie Brown cartoons I watched as a kid
  16. Was able to once again enjoy a Caribou Coffee Hot Apple Blast
  17. Realized that being a bachelor again sucks
  18. Duncan claps whenever he realizes football is on
  19. Liam asks people “what their number is” and if he “can tackle them”
  20. Even though the NFL is down on my list of faves, I enjoy fantasy football 
  21. Only thing that truly stresses me is worry about my wife and kids
  22. Amazing coworkers
  23. Annoyance at people talking about gritty Yankees while ignoring their payroll
  24. Joe Mauer and Zack Greinke getting their due
  25. Lost ARG
  26. Finally played, and enjoyed, The Settlers of Catan
  27. Jana(!)
  28. God working it all out for good

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