It’s always amused me how the juvenile comeback of “your mom” seems to work in an argument. It doesn’t matter what is being argued, or the logic being used. Once someone plays the “your mom” card, the argument shifts. Most of the time, the person who initially plays “your mom” card does it as a diversion to the actual argument. They are losing the actual argument, so they divert in hopes of winning the overall argument by winning a silly argument.

The American church seems to have its own equivalent. You’re liberal. It amuses me how people just throw around this term without any basis or evidence, but yet once said they consider it a trump card in any argument. It doesn’t matter the mounds of biblical, statistical, or logical evidence one may have, if someone plays the “you’re liberal” card on you the argument is usually done. It’s done for both parties. The accusing party thinks you’re “liberal” at your base so that permeates your thinking and theology. The receiving party hears that they’re “liberal” and is quiet because they realize no matter what they may say it is just wasted breath.

Ask anyone in the church what a “liberal” is, in the church, and you are bound to get a variety of responses. Usually it surrounds a creative/unique interpretation of scripture. More importantly, the person accusing someone of being “liberal” says it because the theology doesn’t line up with their own personal theology. (Regardless of biblical basis.)

It’s amusing to me because I’ve heard friends in the ministry be accused of this, yet the people making the accusations can’t give specifics. They can’t provide a biblical basis for the “you’re liberal” blast. They just don’t agree with and/or understand the theology they are attacking.

I think some people fear a deeper discourse on theology (and politics). The deeper discourse forces them to be vulnerable, it forces them to take a stand on their beliefs. A number of people can’t handle this, don’t want to believe that a thought they’ve held true for a long time could be wrong, so they go defensive and blindly lash out. In the church in America, a common defense mechanism is to say “you’re liberal”. A diversion in the overall argument where the person shifts the debate.

Your Mom = You’re Liberal

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