You would think with Jana and the boys out in Ohio I would have all sorts of free time. Maybe I would if I would take advantage of it more, but I’ve been trying to fill my time. I hate being alone now. Looking forward to seeing my family in a little over a week. Missing them today a bit more since it is Liam’s third birthday.

This deserves an expanded post, but a quick thought on Cal Thomas speaking at CCC. I like the idea of Cal Thomas speaking at CCC, and I stress the word idea. I want CCC to be a place where debate can happen, where people aren’t afraid to ask questions or share what they think. Having Cal come in continues that trend, which really ramped up when Cosmic Fingerprints happened earlier in the year. I do wish Bob Beckel could have been a part of the event as well. Maybe next time we have someone from the political arena come in we can have both major political parties represented.

Too often in religion, and politics, people employ “either/or” when engaged in an argument. They characterize anything against their point in extremes, and as evil/wrong. There’s no room for nuance, an additional position, or compromise. That’s not to say that some issues aren’t black and white, they are. However, people have taken that black-and-white approach to each and every issue now.

I finally saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night at the theater. I thought it was the best film in the series yet, which is amazing considering it was my least favorite book in the series. The film brought to life the pages, and the actors’ acting continues to improve. Changes made from the book I thought enhanced the film.

After the Huskers lost to Iowa State did any Husker fan think the team had any chance to be in the Big 12 Championship Game?

Christians shouldn’t be so quick to jump on a celebrity’s bandwagon that shows any sign of being Christian. It backfires a lot. Example A: Carrie Prejean. It hurts everyone involved.

Amsterdam with a little eCreamery as well. Some ice cream in honor of Liam’s birthday. Caramel cheesecake. Yum.

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