Some of you know I’m a big fan of the show Lost. One thing I appreciate from the showrunners, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, is their respect and appreciation for the fans of the show. As the show heads into its final season, they’ve been doing an alternate reality game (ARG) with the show. They’ve been doing this for a few seasons, but this year has been outstanding. They are in the process of selling limited edition prints, created by artists, that capture “water cooler” moments from the show. Part of the fun is the lead up to each poster reveal, where clues are posted online and fans try and figure out what the clue means.

I’ve been following the ARG closely since poster #2 was revealed. (I blogged about that poster before, and you can read the post by clicking here.) I had to tell myself early on that I couldn’t get fanatical with getting all the posters because I didn’t have the money to spend to get all sixteen posters.

I have been fortunate that all the posters I have wanted to purchase I have been able to so far. All the prints have sold out, and lately they have been selling out within a minute or two of being available to purchase.

Well, if you follow this blog you know that my wife fractured her leg recently. (click here to read) I didn’t have much disposable income before, and especially not right now. For instance, I just spent $250 in fuel costs to drive to Ohio and back so Jana could recuperate with her family. I have been blessed by some people giving money to help offset the costs, but there are more costs. To help in covering some of the costs, I’ve decided to sell one of my Lost ARG posters, The Swan Station.

Before my wife fractured her leg, I had the idea to purchase some Lost posters I didn’t like. Why? Well, I wanted to give one away to some random Lost fan (who has yet to be determined). Even though I don’t post much on the messageboards and blogs, I’ve enjoyed reading what other Lost fans write. It was going to be my Christmas present. (I enjoy the Christmas season.) The other idea was to sell an upcoming poster or two and give the money to charities.

To add to the fun, I even bought a domain name in line with the current Lost ARG. This would be used for the idea I have for the poster giveaway.

I still would like to do the poster giveaway and sell one or two for charity. However, we’ll have to see how the bills are surrounding my wife’s injury. In the meantime, The Swan Station is now up for auction on eBay. I have print 112/300. (click here to go to the auction)

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