Today was the first day, since Jana’s injury, that I felt some stability with everything that is going on in my life. I returned to work yesterday, but even then it took awhile to mentally transition back into the projects I was working on before.

Granted, there is still a long road of recovery and rehabilitation for Jana, but we’ll be okay. A key reason why we’ll be okay is because of so many people who have rallied around us with their encouragement, prayers and support.

To thank everyone would require an exhaustive list here! If I don’t mention you, it doesn’t mean I’m not aware of your help.

First person I want to thank is Jana’s mom, Alice Metcalf. Within hours of the injury occurring she was purchasing a ticket to fly out to Omaha to help out. She has been and will be providing care to Jana for the next month, here in Omaha and in Ohio. She’s done numerous things, and her presence has helped in bringing some calm back into our lives.

A number of coworkers have been great. Lead Pastor Mark Ashton was one of the first people to respond. He offered up his van, if I needed it to get my family to Ohio. A number of staff offered help with meals and watching the boys. My bosses have been superb as usual. Nick Kelly has given me increased flexibility with my schedule and been understanding. Nancy Fager is lending me her Suburban so I can take everyone to Ohio. This is great because it has the space for Jana to stretch out her leg, and if any freakish snow storms pop up I will be in better shape than if I was driving something else. (That’s a big deal after driving to Ohio last year and getting caught in lake-effect snow.)

Brian and Jen Smith were great servants in their willingness to watch our boys Saturday afternoon, into Saturday night, and into Sunday morning. Liam still talks about their three kids and how they are his new friends. Jamey Hendricksen was phenomenal in taking charge of the situation when Jana’s injury initially happened. If he wouldn’t have been there things would’ve been more chaotic and I don’t know if we get to the ER as soon as we did. (I think we’re sold on the small group we’ve joined!)

Shawn Hartley and Rahul Gupta are two guys I’ve connected with through Twitter. I’ve only met each of them once, but we’ve chatted a bit online from time to time. When I tweeted about Jana’s injury, Shawn was letting other people know in his network about the situation. He was offering help and assistance, and wanted to get others on board. Rahul is in both of our Twitter networks, and he offered assistance as well. Both of them gave financially to help us with costs in getting the family out to Ohio. Jana and I were humbled and touched by their generosity and kind words.

Keeping it with Twitter, there were a number of people who offered help. It’s been amazing to hear from people I don’t know all that well that want to help us out. Their encouraging notes and tweets have been great. Can’t list everyone, but thanks to Jeremy Hogan, Steve Gordon, Aaron Weiche, Dan Holke, Eric Downs and many, many more.

Our neighbors have been there for us as well. For example, James Walsh was one of the first people to offer help by providing a meal. His wife Melissa, and her kids, came over on Monday with it. It was nice because we had a friend over, and the boys had kids to play with for awhile as well.

The list goes on and on. I could easily list out twenty more names/families without blinking. Every day it is someone new who is offering help, and offering in a way where you know it isn’t some token thing. People really want to help us out. I’m grateful. And they do it without expecting anything in return. I was at a TweetUp event last night, and I was thanking Rahul. He just smiled and said, “It made my day to be able to help you.”

I’m continually blessed by people. Friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and strangers. It’s not like I didn’t know that before, that Jana and I were blessed with the people we have contact with, but one of the good things to come out of this has been realizing the depth of compassion and kindness by the community around us.

Thank you so much. May God bless you all back tenfold for the way you have blessed us.

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