Since Saturday afternoon, life has been surreal. Perhaps for reasons that you may not think. Despite Jana’s injury, and the ramifications of it, there have been countless moments of joy, surprise and awe since Saturday. Moments that can’t seem to be captured by words. We’ve been blessed by so many, and by people we don’t even know. Before I write about that, here’s the latest news.

We saw the orthopedist this afternoon and not much has changed. Jana is not suppose to put any weight on her left leg for 6-8 weeks now. The doctor is amazed she doesn’t need surgery, that the tibia isn’t displaced. (We’ve heard from a few people that had the same tibia fracture and all of them needed surgery.) She does have an MRI tomorrow at Lakeside, and another appointment this Friday. Nevertheless, the doctor is fine with us driving to Ohio this weekend, and we have a preliminary plan for Jana’s recovery while she is in Ohio.

While at Bergan Mercy today, she also had her soft cast taken off and was fitted with a brace that immobilizes her knee. It’s a lot more comfortable for her. She also had a PT session that just dealt with how to get around on crutches while wearing the type of brace she has.

Jana’s mom, Alice, flew in from Ohio this morning, and it’s been great already. When we got home, she entertained the boys for awhile. This was great because Jana was able to rest and I was able to clean up the house a bit. What’s also great? Alice is a nurse. She can help Jana out with her recovery in ways I couldn’t. She also asks questions at the appointments that I wouldn’t think to ask, but am glad she does ask.

Liam and Duncan have been doing well, considering the schedule upheaval and not quite grasping everything that is happening. Liam has started telling people that “mommy has a hurt knee”. I think he understands he has to be careful around her, but Duncan has no idea. (Duncan is also 17 months old.) They both seem to have moments where they are tired and exasperated, they want to be held and cuddled a bit more (which we don’t mind!), but all in all they’ve been great amidst the chaos.

Jana experiences pain in cycles, but it hasn’t been as bad as she thought. We’ve heard that the second week after broken/fractured bone is the most painful in the healing process. I think the hardest thing for Jana is not being able to interact more with the boys. Tonight she got a bit emotional when she couldn’t put Duncan down to bed. Missing out on the little things. Jana was able to read Liam a story in our bed, though.

What adds to the emotions for Jana and I has been the response from family, friends, neighbors and strangers to our situation. My email and cell phone voicemail/text inboxes are full of messages from people wanting to help and/or encouraging us. Jana and I literally don’t know where to begin in thanking people. It’s overwhelming. Today was another busy day, but I hope these next few days provide me a chance to write something about how blessed we’ve been by people.

Thank you, everyone. I’m going to write a post tomorrow solely about the overflow of kindness and compassion we’ve received since Saturday.

Updates/Prayer Requests

  • One of my bosses is letting me use her Suburban to drive everyone out to Ohio this weekend. Thanks to those of you who also offered your vehicle, or were thinking of a way to get me a vehicle.
  • I’ve lost track of how many people have offered to help watch the boys. Thank you so much! Can we take you up on those offers in December? Jana’s mom won’t be around then, but Jana will still be on crutches through the end of the year.
  • We’ll leave for Ohio this Saturday. It’ll be at least 13 hours of driving. Prayers for easy travel for Jana and the boys would be appreciated! I’ll drive back to Omaha on Sunday.
  • While we don’t think it will, we still hope that MRI tomorrow doesn’t reveal any other injury to the knee.
  • You’re more than welcome to come by and visit. Just contact Jana regarding the timing. You can come in our bedroom and watch the reimagined Battlestar Galactica tv series with her. (She recently just started watching the series. Finished up season one today.)
  • Jana’s recovery would go well in Ohio.
  • For those who have given to us my hope and prayer is they receive the same blessing back tenfold.

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